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caught up on the Chrolli vlogs

I could remember what had been going on in the show at those points, so those quick summaries worked for me.  It added a little extra of what the characters were feeling and doing.  Jo and Thore must have been all over the place on that Thursday to get all that New York sightseeing footage.  Christian and Olli mention the Stonewall Inn in the second video blog -- I wonder if they filmed in it for that.  The powers-that-be at Das Erste wouldn't really have a way to explain Dennis and Igor and Felix and all those women -- let alone the glow sticks.  I suppose the other soap stars could be passed off as random bar patrons.  I have no idea what their take on the rave effect that Saturday night would be.  I had it all planned, and Lil and Lisabea knew about it.  The glow swords weren't a great idea, but the fairy wands were a big hit.  No, I still can't think how they would possibly explain why the dance floor was filled with women and everybody had glow sticks.

The vlogs started at the time of Christian's heart problem, and went through him trying to find another job he liked.  I still think it's cool that the show is using skills Thore really has -- lots of experience riding horses -- to make Christian's horse-whisperer talents very realistic.  The vlog showed the guys getting ready for Gregor's engagement party, and their take on various events they and other characters were going through on the show.  I'm kind of glad I didn't watch the ones where they were having such problems at the time, or I probably would have been more distressed.  There was a nice one where they were temporarily putting their problems aside to have a DVD night.  It was like I'd been saying about them still coming back to the same bed, although why they couldn't talk things out while they were there, I don't know.  I really liked the New York vlogs that are up so far.  They're a lot of fun.  The guys are happy together, and enjoying seeing all those sights.

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