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Friday heat

It was kind of a busy night for me because I had an editing job and two proofreading jobs to finish.  I would have been further along if I hadn't had the computer off a good part of yesterday afternoon and evening, but then again, the computer might have been fried.  I had time earlier in the week, and I'd used it to do a round of editing and a round of proofreading.  I like to wait a few days before I look something over again, so I'm looking at it a little bit more fresh again.  I need to allow for things like thunderstorms, or insomnia.

We went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant.  I got steamed shrimp.  They steam it with Old Bay seasoning, so it's pretty good.  This time I also got antipasto.  I think it was the first time I'd ever had the antipasto there, as many years as we've been going.  Mom had gotten shrimp scampi, and I ate the spaghetti from that after she'd had her fill.  She was guarding the leftover shrimp pretty fiercely.  I'd already had my own shrimp anyway.

Soap operas: I took time between the editing and the proofing to watch today's clips of Alles Was Zahlt.  My reaction was "Aaarrgghhh!"  (*spoilers*)  Deniz found out.  It was a bad way, although at least Roman and Marc weren't naked.  It did come across as an incredible, stab-at-the-heart betrayal, which it was.  He found out at the end of the episode, so Monday should bring the fireworks and the angst.  The teaser had the words "unhappy," "deceived" and "furious," among others, to indicate what was going on with Deniz.  I looked them all up in my dictionary, but I should have written it down, because I don't remember the exact wording, just the gist.  There was also the phrase that meant, "to kick someone out."  Well, Claudia's blackmail attempt only lasted one day.  I am holding a grudge for that and other things she's done, and still think she should be blown up or buried in cement.

I put a link in the Gay Lit forum thread to an old discussion Josh led on what readers would like to see more of in m/m fiction.  (  I had a couple of random things to say.  Nicole Kimberling had some good points -- so did many of the authors and readers.  Josh had just read everything of Joseph Hansen's backlist that he hadn't read before, apparently.  Those books should be republished.  I'm sure they're better than a lot that's out there now.  I guess reading those would spoil you for a while for reading the general run of gay erotic fiction.

I moved my political rant about the story with f/f content to my next post.  It was getting lengthy.

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