neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Thursday -- Christmas Eve

I have no particular plans, but I should go to bed fairly soon.

During the day: I brought down my coloring books in the morning and colored in pictures of birds and flowers.  Mom tried to color in a picture of a 'Tropicana' rose.  I brought down a Martyn and Rix book of rose pictures that had a picture of it under the British name 'Super Star.'  I told Mom that 'Tropicana' was vermilion with a pink overlay, or something like that.  I've seen it described several ways.  Mom gave up fairly quickly and went to read a book.  I colored in several bird pictures, but didn't think the all-gray catbird or black-and-white downy woodpecker were that exciting to color.  I colored in the pictures of the cardinals, but did their beaks more yellow-orange than I wanted to.

I got my little tinsel tree and Dad's little artificial tree and the ornaments out of the shed.  It was slippery out.  I got coos of indignation and the thunder of doves' wings when I opened the back door, plus assorted chirping.  I'd been watching the birds at the feeders before and after that getting the Christmas decorations from the shed.  The female cardinal decided she liked the red pepper suet.  I saw a male downy woodpecker there during the day also.  It was more exciting to see him live than color a picture of one.

Once I was back inside, I decorated the trees.  Mom and Dad and I watched the video church Christmas Eve service.  Father K. made some good points in his sermon, I thought.  We lit several candles here at home.  I lay down for a bit after dinner, and then came down and decorated the living room some.

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