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Thursday storms

It was quiet for me, as I stayed in today, but the weather was fairly raging outside.  We had a thunderstorm that brought down quite a few trees in the area and knocked out power for a lot of people.  Our power went out briefly in the afternoon, when I was lying down, so I don't know exactly how long it went out.  I believe it must have been only for a few minutes, though.  I'd left the computer on, and it was off when I checked it.  I brought it back up to see if it was all right, and it seemed to be the same as ever.  There were some loud and seemingly close crashes of thunder, so I quickly shut it down again.  Mom and Dad came home a couple hours later talking about the trees that were down.  Mom called the police to tell them about one across two-thirds of the road about half a mile from the house, and Dad said he had to make several detours to get home.  I believe he said at least three of the roads he would normally take were blocked by fallen trees.

After I checked the computer, I decided it would be a good time to go in search of candles.  I found a couple of big pillar candles, a few of the type poured into glass jars, and some votive candles already in votive holders.  I also had a couple dozen more votive candles, quite a few tea lights, and several taper candles, but the pillar candles are the best if the electricity goes out.  I had just bought a glow stick the other day, but already I'm not sure where that went.  Next time I go to Home Depot, I'll probably get some more of the really strong emergency light sort of glow sticks.  I think those were the kind I gave to Thore and Igor.  Igor was using his like a flashlight to see to sign someone's T-shirt.  July and August are thunderstorm season here, so it doesn't hurt to have plenty of sources of non-electric light around.
Although the power flickered quite a few more times -- lights dimming, appliances pausing for a second -- it didn't go out again.  Apparently a lot of people in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey had their power knocked out until the electric companies could get to them.

I thought it would be best to leave the computer off for a while.  I'd read The Misfits last night, and read Totally Joe this afternoon and early evening.  I liked both books, but especially enjoyed Joe's perspective.  Once the storm seemed to be well past, I turned the computer back on.

Soap operas: The Reid/Luke/Noah clips from yesterday's episode of As the World Turns were up.  I hope Luke gets to Reid, and they talk things out.  And then they have a big make-up session.  Luke might be a little distracted because one of his fathers is getting married all of a sudden that afternoon, but I'm sure he can have some happy time with Reid and get to the wedding.  Apparently it's not his biological father, but the man who raised him and has been married to his mother several times.  He's the one Luke calls "Dad," at any rate.  I'm sure longtime watchers of the soap know all the details.  It looked like his grandmother -- presumably his mother's mother -- was scheming to make sure the wedding didn't go off.  We'll see how involved Luke gets in the whole thing.  He's still pretty well integrated into the craziness that is his family.  He only works when he feels like it, so really his family is what ties him into a lot of plotlines.

Alles Was Zahlt (*spoilers*): Deniz seems like he's decided not to ask questions he doesn't want the answers to as far as his relationship with Roman goes.  It's one approach to a relationship, if probably not especially a healthy one.  Roman and Marc continue to have some steamy scenes.  As much as I don't like what Roman's doing, I reluctantly have to admit that he and Marc have a lot of chemistry.  The actor who plays Marc is really quite good.  The gasps and little moans Marc was making as Roman worked his way down his chest and belly, and then lower, certainly conveyed the idea that he was totally into it.

In less steamy news, Richard confronted Celine about her pregnancy.  I understood when he asked "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?"  I'm not going to look it up now, but I knew nearly all of the words (phonetically): "Varoom nicht exact bist du schwanger?" -- or something like that.  I think I'm missing a couple of words, and didn't put what I had in the right order.  Celine had a lengthy, babbling, weepy excuse, but even I could tell that it was lame.  Richard seems to be dealing surprisingly well.  He's not exactly taking it in stride, but he's accepting that it's true.  It's not the first time he's heard that he has an illegitimate child.  Celine has had a good fifteen years or more to learn something about birth control, and apparently hasn't learned a thing.  Richard has had twenty-plus years to learn the same thing.

I am hating Claudia Bergmann more and more.  Now she's blackmailing Roman.  Someone needs to kill her and hide her body in the woods.  Or maybe they can borrow a little from Verbotene Liebe and bury her in cement.  The Verbotene Liebe characters still haven't found the body in that particular case.  I find it disturbing that no-one even knows that that character is dead.  But anyway, Claudia's a good candidate for something like that.

Judging from the teaser, Verbotene Liebe will apparently have a lot of Christian and Olli on Monday, as it looks like they come back with a bang.  I'm looking forward to that.

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