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Wednesday errands

Well, I got to my appointment on time, and that was good.  Then I went and paid the phone bill, and stopped for a barbeque sandwich and a sundae at Dairy Queen.  I thought about going to the Indian food market in that area, but I still have a mango lassi left from my last stop there.  I headed home and just relaxed and tried to stay cool for a while.

I read Bride of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies last night.  It's the flip side of Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies.  I didn't think I'd like it, because it was told by Russel's friend Min, who is extremely self-righteous and acts superior to everybody.  It was her version of the experiences the friends had had in Attack.  I liked it more than I thought I would.  Min's internal narration wasn't as insufferable as her dialogue with Russel and their friend Gunnar would suggest, and she was looking out for Russel much more than he realized, or the readers of Attack... realized.

There was a message from the library that some books someone in the house had put a hold on were in, so Mom and I went to the library in the evening.  The requests were mine, two books by James Howe, The Misfits and Totally Joe, and another Jeff Abbott mystery, Distant Blood.  I'm not sure what saying that would be the first couple of words of.  The books by James Howe are YA ones which have a gay character, Joe.  He's the narrator of the second book.  I'll read them soon.

Soap operas: Alles Was Zahlt (*probably assorted spoilers*): The parts with Deniz were good.  I'm really hating Claudia Bergmann.  You think she's let an argument go, and she brings it back up again and again to try to wear you down enough to agree with her.  I wish she would either leave town for good or get blown up.  I guess having Roman in opposition to her makes him seem like a better person that way.  A fair number of the characters on the show really aren't meant to be totally good or totally evil.  They're just flawed people who sometimes do good things, sometimes do bad things, and sometimes just make mistakes.  Roman is certainly in that category, though he's usually leaning more towards being on the caring and empathetic side.

Marc is still thinking it's his right to claim the lion's share of Roman's attention, and is resentful that Roman wants to spend time with Deniz.  Where does he get off with that attitude, and why would Roman even consider allowing him to have it?  It's like Marc thinks Deniz is Roman's boyfriend in name only.  The way that story is being told probably wouldn't have worked for me anyway, but when it's moving too fast, without allowing for time to build, it's really unconvincing.

Richard heard from Simone, who heard from Max, who apparently heard from Lena (Lena!  How could you?), that Celine is pregnant with his baby.  Way to get the news about your ex-girlfriend from your wife.  We'll see what that stirs up.  I predict more weeping from Celine, and obnoxious hissy fits from Zoe.  (Zoe either needs to be sent to a strict boarding school or be blown up.)  I'm pretty confident that my predictions will come to pass.  The good thing about Eskimo Kiss Project is that they cut those scenes.  I kind of like Richard, though, so I want to follow his relationship storylines.  He's sometimes quite kind-hearted, and he does love his children.

Snicks did his liveblog of As the World Turns today, but the clips weren't up yet on the Gay Romance channel.  I'm still wishing things would progress much faster than they are.  They don't have years to draw the relationship out.  In fact, I think they were done filming either last week or will be at the end of this week.  I'll be curious to see what Van Hansis does next.  I think he's gotten a considerable amount of goodwill for playing a gay character for several years.  It's not his fault the writing was bad or that the show caved to conservative pressure.  He says in an interview Gays of Our Lives linked to that members of the audience don't say they don't like Luke because he's gay, they say they don't like him because he's whiny.  There's progress for you.

Jordan linked to an interesting article ( and commentary.  I think the article is kind of wrong-headed in the opinions and a number of the analogies, but there's some interesting description.  "Everybody acknowledges that there have to be a few gems out in the slush pile -- one manuscript in 10,000, say -- buried under all the dreck. The problem lies in finding it. A diamond encased in a mountain of solid granite may be truly valuable, but at a certain point the cost of extracting it exceeds the value of the jewel. With slush, the cost is not only financial (many publishers can no longer afford to assign junior editors to read unsolicited manuscripts) but also -- as is less often admitted -- emotional and even moral.

It seriously messes with your head to read slush. Being bombarded with inept prose, shoddy ideas, incoherent grammar, boring plots and insubstantial characters -- not to mention ton after metric ton of clichés -- for hours on end induces a state of existential despair that's almost impossible to communicate to anyone who hasn't been there themselves: Call it slush fatigue…"

The analogies get wilder, but I could relate to seeing inept prose, incoherent grammar, cliches and flat characters -- sometimes even in e-books I've purchased.  I can't do anything about them at that stage, but I can help if I see them pre-publication.  There are those few I just want to rewrite altogether, and it's frustrating to let them go on, but I know the other editors will be doing their best on them as well.  I can fix a good deal of inept prose and incoherent grammar, and make note of cliches.  Fixing incoherent grammar is really kind of one of my specialties.  I guess it greatly lessens the despair if you get the chance to make the book better.  [In this paragraph, I'm thinking of those authors I rant about but do not name.  I'm not talking about Jordan or any of the Changeling authors I've named on this LJ.]

As for buying e-books, reading the excerpt will give me a good idea.  I've seen some really badly edited excerpts, and known it would bother me to even try to read the book.  I feel like I can tell a lot about the writing quality in a page or so.  Sometimes I can tell a lot about the writing quality in a paragraph or so.  I may not be being fair to the writer, but you could argue that those writers aren't being fair to the reader.  At any rate, I can tell fast enough what I just don't want to try to struggle through.  Then again, sometimes I read an excerpt that sounds really good, and if it's in a genre I like, I'll give it a try, and maybe discover a new favorite author.


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