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I woke up early, not long after sunrise.

I went out and planted bulbs from pretty early in the morning until nearly 2:00 p.m.  I didn't plant them all, but I feel like I got a pretty good amount accomplished.  I planted the rest of the Tenby daffodils, the rest of the hyacinths, and all except some red and black tulips.  I planted the 'Philippe de Comines' tulip bulbs in the "herb garden."  'Black Parrot' is a sport of that, so I should plant the 'Black Parrot' bulbs near them.  'Lac van Rijn' is also in that section, where the Asiatic lilies are.  Some sort of lilies, at any rate, that aren't the 'Uchida' lilies.

I ended up planting the 'Estella Rijnveld' parrot tulips in the big pot near the back door.  I should plant the 'Kingsblood' tulips nearby.  I'll figure out someplace for the 'Queen of Night' tulips, and that should do it.

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