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Josh's new book was out today, so I got that.  I saw that the third in Z.A. Maxfield's St. Nacho's series was out, so I got that, too.  I feel that the St. Nacho's books have certain flaws, but I still like them.  My main thing was that guys who had been lovers for a few days or weeks flew across the country to follow each other, with no encouragement.  The development which would lead to a motivation that strong wasn't there, I didn't think.

I figured I'd check to see if there were any new Syd McGinley stories out, and there was one.  I checked, and she didn't mention it on her Live Journal, and doesn't have the last few Tommy and Dr. Tanaka stories listed on her website.  I've e-mailed her twice or three times to ask why she didn't make an announcement or note about a new story coming out, that the stories in the Dr. Fell universe were auto-buys for me.  She says she just doesn't think about the marketing side of things because she's busy writing, or something along those lines.  I'm not going to e-mail her this time.  It's been a long time since her website was updated.  I think I even randomly won a few e-book bucks for my suggestions of what people would want in a new website if she and another author updated their sites, and that was in February or something.  (Correction: It was January 14th.)  It's probably within her last five LJ posts.  (Correction: It's the sixth back:  Don't get me wrong -- I love the Dr. Fell stories.  I just wish Syd would let readers know on her LJ and website when there are new stories in that universe.

I got an Addison Albright story, because I enjoyed Cultivating Love.  This one is called A Dream Come True.  I'll probably say something about it after I read it.  I decided to try an Andy Slade & Ali Wilde story.  I know Andy is Andrea, and am a bit like, "What is up with choosing a male name?"  However, I figured it was time to read a book of hers -- not like a duty, just to see what kind of writer she is, or that she is collaborating with Ali.  This one's called Sandalwood and a Potato.  I have no idea, and it sounds kind of weird, but I have hopes that it will turn out to be a logical title.

I'm mostly still watching German television and just reading the e-books that I'm proofing or editing, but I'll try to borrow Dad's laptop and go downstairs to read some of the e-books I have on my USB drives.

Well, I keep adding more books to my to-be-read files.
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