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Tuesday after Solstice

I got a couple of relatively important errands done, including a trip to the bank.  Then I went to the bookstore, and put in an hour there.  I'd put the romance section in order yesterday, so I worked on putting away some of the very large piles of donations we'd gotten.  I mostly concentrated on paperbacks and trade paperbacks, but I got a fair amount cleared off the table and floor.  There were a couple of other people working as well, so we were getting a good bit done.  E.M. was showing a new volunteer, a boy in his late (?) teens, around the store and how to sort books.  She was getting very hyper, and talking for ten minutes at a time without pause, with very pressured speech.  I thought, not for the first time, that minor tranquilizers might be helpful to her -- or at least it would be helpful to the people around her if she took them.

She was asking all the volunteers if they wanted to go to the bank and make a deposit.  No one was really feeling it.  When she asked me, I had a moment of tactlessness, and said, "I've already been to the bank today."  I just don't deal with the money end of things.  I don't run the cash register, and I don't deal with the bank.  I put books away and keep my section in good shape.  That's what I should have said to her, but I'm sure we'll talk it out sooner or later.

She processed my reply for a few seconds, and said, "Well, if I go to the bank, you can show our new volunteer, A., where to put the books that were donated."  That was fine with me.  She knows I can train new volunteers, and that I like working with college-age students.

One of the donations was a book titled Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian by Scott Douglas.  I just used one of my bookstore volunteer free book coupons (no, really -- they give us a sheet of them) and took it home.  Mom will likely be interested in it.  I read the first couple of chapters, and it's quite well-written.

I got the proofreading jobs I said I'd do from the editor this morning.  I read through one, Dharma in Eight Lessons, which is a lovely little story.  Sarah Black, if you read this LJ, I think it's a story well worth being fangirly over.  There's not a whole lot of proofreading work to do on it, because it's already very clean, but I got the joy of reading it.

Soap operas: Alles Was Zahlt had quite a bit of Florian.  The klein Wild was so cute, and really kinda sparkly.  Ingo has given him the nickname Prinzessin.  I am supposing that this is because Roman is the queen.  I loved the pick-up hockey team.  It looked like Deniz was the only one besides Florian who knew how to skate, and he was laughing at the others.  I have to admit that it was pretty funny.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the team does.

Verbotene Liebe: *assorted spoilers* Tristan still hasn't told Helena exactly what's going on, though apparently Jessica does know.  I guess that's how she got him to propose to her.  It wouldn't have really been a marriage with a healthy basis.  I'm still waiting for it to become common knowledge.  That will be the fun part.

Charlie got scared of what was going on with her and Arno, and tried to make a run for it.  Arno soothed her back down, and they had a nice, platonic-from-then-on evening.  Arno really does seem to be pretty sweet-natured in his personal life.  He's been on the show for fifteen years, so I don't know what he's done before, but he seems to be one of the nicer characters currently.
As the World Turns: Build-up sorts of things today between Luke and Reid, but not really in a positive way on Luke's side.  Luke was also talking emotions and relationships with his mother, and not in the way a son might, but in the way a counselor might.  If he does that for all of his parents, it would explain why he's got some of the issues he does.  Reid is dealing with being in love with Luke, and not being at all sure what to do with those strange things called emotions that he's feeling.  Luke can talk about and analyze emotions all day, so they would be quite a pair.

The show seems to be creating more and more misunderstandings for them, and they just don't have time to draw it out.  Reid is supposed to be on the show tomorrow, which would make it a two-days-in-a-week appearance for him, instead of the once a week they've been doing with Luke and Reid.  As far as I'm concerned, they could be on three or four times a week.  It would give them time to develop a real relationship.  I'm not following any of the other stories on the show.  Luke is apparently a well-integrated character, but they're mostly using him for his own relationship story now, it seems.  I hope Luke and Reid resolve their differences in a hurry, and get to have a little sweet glow of love for a couple of weeks at least.

I read The Order of the Poison Oak and Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies last night.  They're the next two in the series starting with Geography Club.  I had to go to the end of the story first with the third book, to see who Russel chose as a boyfriend, the nice guy who really loved him, or the bad boy.  Then I could relax and read it in order.  I wonder if there will be more in the series, because things were left very unresolved with Russel's parents.  I'd like to see how that works out.

Not too much planned tomorrow.  I have an appointment in the afternoon, and I'll probably go pay the phone bill -- and work on those editing and proofing jobs.  It's supposed to be extremely hot out, so once I'm done with the appointment and the errand, I'll probably just be trying to stay cool.

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