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The birdfeeders were nearly empty this morning.  I asked Dad about refilling them, and he said he'd do that someday when the ground had dried, and that the birdseed was behind everything in the shed, including the lawnmower.  I said I would do it, and I'm not sure what he thought, but I thought, "Doesn't he know me?"  If I feel like I can physically do something that involves being out in the yard, I'll do it.  I found the container with the birdseed in it and filled the feeder I'd gotten from Walmart a few weeks ago.  Dad eventually came out and showed me how to fill the newish birdfeeder that he'd gotten at some point, but hadn't hung up last year.  Both birdfeeders are supposed to be squirrel-resistant.  There have been some fat squirrels down on the ground eating the food that's fallen there.

After that, I made it to the library and to the dollar store.  I felt those were productive trips.  I looked in at an Indian grocery, and it was packed with people getting things for Diwali.  I had gone in the entrance with a little cart, and then went over to the exit and went back out without doing any shopping.

It was pretty cold out until mid-afternoon, and it got colder again quickly after the sun set.  The time change (Daylight Savings Time?) is tomorrow night, so according to the clocks, the sun will be setting at four-something for the next few months.

Since it was supposed to be down to freezing tonight, I brought in the pineapple sage, a couple more rose-scented geraniums, and the hardy jasmine for the evening.  I'll figure out where to put things.

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