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getting leftover books -- and other activities

That's one project for tonight or tomorrow, picking up the books left over from the church book sale before the junkman comes for them on Tuesday.  Mom suggested going today.  I was surprised, because she'd already been to church in the morning.  Of course, when I told her I was ready to go, she'd changed her mind.  She'd started watching the Phillies game, plus she said it was too hot out.  I don't know why she asks me if I want to go out and do something and then decides she doesn't want to do it after all.  I'm thinking about going to the liquor store.  I'll see if she wants to go there, or if she just has requests for me if I go.

I decided to go to the liquor store.  Mom had just been the other day, apparently.  I asked her if she wanted anything at the dollar store that's in the same shopping center.  She said sponges.  She's been complaining that the ones they have on sale at the grocery store are too big for her hands.  I got a couple of different kinds and figured she could take back the ones she didn't like.  Then I headed to the liquor store and got a bottle of Chenin Blanc and a bottle of Kahlua.  The Kahlua was on sale, three dollars off.  I guess it was a good time to go shopping for it.

After that, I decided to go to the garden center to see if they had dill, to replace the dill I'd gotten that had been eaten by wildlife.  I got some 5" and 6" plastic saucers, a couple of small red-and-yellow lantana, pink and white caladiums, and finally got to the herb tables.  The only pot of dill they had left looked like all the stalks had been chopped off.  I got bronze fennel instead, as they had some good, healthy plants of that.  They also had sweet fennel, which I considered.  I grow fennel more for looks than for eating, though, so I got the bronze.

I watered the plants I'd gotten when I got home, and put the caladium on the family room windowsill.  "It's odorless," I told Mom.

Dad said, "But the soil smells when you water the plants."

"Don't help out," I said.  Dad also thought I'd gotten marigolds.  "They're not marigolds," I said.  Dad just assumes things because he doesn't even look at something long enough to get the correct information.  I put the lantana on a box by the back door.  It does have something of an odor, and not a pleasant one, but apparently not that detectable when you're sitting in the chair by the window, or I would have heard about it.  I would have put marigolds directly outside.

I put the fennel on the dining room table.  (We almost always eat around the kitchen table.)  I rather like the anise/licorice sort of scent that fennel has, but I'm sure Mom wouldn't have been happy about it.  I have a box of fennel seed in my baking spices collection, but other than baking, we really don't cook with it.

I went out and watered the clivia and my little plants.  I found the apple scented geranium.  I had thought I'd planted it, but what actually happened was that Dad had moved it around a couple of times.  It was in a relatively large pot to start with, so it was still alive.  Some of the geraniums are very drought-resistant.  A couple of the ones which were on pots on the family room windowsill and on the floor of the family room over the winter are blooming now.  Apparently I saved a couple of the red ones last fall.  I wonder if there are some pink ones out there.  Their labels mostly just say "zonal geranium" without getting more specific, like about the color.  I always think the red ones are so cheerful, but I like the various shades of pink and peach, too.

Mom was complaining that she couldn't get through on the path between the front porch and the driveway.  I put on my leather gloves, and weeded out the thistle in the crocus garden.  I cut back the apple mint that's on the side nearer the house, and pulled some of the weeds around the purple German iris.  We didn't cut back all the flower stalks like we usually do, and the iris has made some gigantic seed pods.  For some reason, I didn't think an iris that hybridized would make seed.

The orris was done blooming by the time the purple iris bloomed, and I don't think the blue flag iris was blooming at the same time.  The blue flag iris has seedpods of its own, but it's a species iris.  I don't know if iris self-pollinates, but we have a lot of pollinators around.  We've got bumblebees, and various kinds of little bees, and skippers and moths and butterflies.  The magnolias have seedpods, and they get pollinated by beetles, or originally evolved to be, anyway.

I got the lantana to try to attract hummingbirds.  They had the lantana in lavender; and lavender and orange; and in plain yellows, which I like; but I think the hummingbirds like the red the best.  The bee balm is starting to bloom.  Usually it's blooming around the 4th of July, but everything was early this year.  The cardinal flower (that's what I think it is) by the end of the drainpipe is getting big.  I hope it doesn't get eaten like it did last year.  It's fighting it out with the spearmint.  I suppose I should pull some of the spearmint.

At one time or another, I've planted quite a variety of plants that are supposed to attract hummingbirds.  I don't think I've ever seen one on the flowers I plant for them, but Dad said one summer that he'd seen a hummingbird on the tiger lily.  Well, it is a bright color.  We just have the orange tiger lilies left.  We'd had reds and whites and pinks, too, years ago, but I think as we moved things around and various gardens got overgrown, the tiger lilies I was especially trying to save were the classic orange ones.

Well, I'm happy about the bee balm blooming.  I can't believe I went out and weeded when it was this hot out.  I guess having people home is a motivation to go outside.  I'll have a big post all about it if I ever see a hummingbird.

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