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I should go to bed soon.

Later: I went to bed around my usual time.  I slept some during the night and woke up at 6:00 a.m.  I read for a while after I went back to bed, and then went back to sleep after sunrise.  I think I got up at 10-something.

Mom had gone to Walmart in the early morning.  We went to two grocery stores in the afternoon.  Those were productive trips.

I planted the rest of the sternbergia after we got home.  I want to plant the rest of the lilies tomorrow.  There are two fall-blooming crocus flowers and a bud in the pot that I planted tulips in in the spring.  I'd wondered why the crocus corms that I'd stuck in there with the tulips hadn't done much in the spring.  I knew that years ago I had planted a number of fall-blooming crocuses in the yard.  One has also come up near the "crocus garden," where I knew I'd planted several different kinds of fall-blooming crocus back then.  The ones blooming now are light purple, with stripes inside.  I think that's the speciosus variety.

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