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*assorted spoilers*  AWZ: Deniz came back.  I missed him so much.  Roman apparently didn't miss him that much.  I keep hoping Roman will feel guilty, but he doesn't seem to be feeling that much guilt.  Marc seems to expect that Roman will be his primary partner, and get angry when Roman doesn't act like that, too.  They just haven't built up that relationship so it makes sense that Marc and Roman feel that way, though I doubt it would be something I would want to believe in if they had built it up more realistically.  I don't like that Marc feels that way, or that Roman kind of feels that way, or that neither of them is having any consideration or respect for Deniz.  And I'm sure that will just get worse.  I keep hoping Roman will get it straightened out, and choose Deniz, but I keep having the feeling that it will all blow up in his face.

On the bright side, Florian was very cute again today, I'm still loving Marian, and Deniz was too adorable.  Pretty cool to think that I'd seen Igor that same day as they were showing in the clip of New York.  I wish I'd known that they'd be shooting in Times Square and in Central Park, but I was already so exhausted by then, I was really ready to head home by a little after two that day.  I was very happy to have gotten those pictures with the guys, and to have gotten the chance to talk to Jo a little, and to talk to Dennis a little bit again.  I had a good Sunday.

The EKP ladies have decided they'll delete any comments that make them upset or are too "flouncy"(?) -- I'll have to get the exact quote.  They work very hard on what they do, but I don't believe they can expect the whole audience to have sophisticated opinions which coincide with theirs.  Some of the fans are teenaged girls, some are adults of varying sophistication and literacy levels -- it's quite the mix.  They have every right to control the tone on their site.  That's why I'd just as soon post here.  I can do what I want, including allowing myself to have a side, and it's Deniz' side.  He's done some pretty bad stuff in his time, including cheating on Roman, but he hasn't done anything wrong this time.  I wish Roman could have been honest with him, but that would have cut down on the drama.

Love triangles are a soap opera classic, but somehow they haven't ever gotten to menage or open relationship considerations.  I guess the audience couldn't stand that.  I've reflected a few times here on whether Olli of Verbotene Liebe wouldn't have been able to manage just fine in an open relationship.  He's too naive, yes, and he wouldn't do well with conflicting demands, but he was fine with having sex without having an emotional relationship with someone.  It's interesting to think about the different ways it might have gone, how it might have been possible for him to have a primary emotional relationship with one person and sex with others.  It's not as romantic that way, as I see it, but it might have been a more realistic way to look at someone like him.

The old Deniz would have done just as well with an open relationship.  As Roman said to him at some point along that line, maybe serious relationships weren't for Deniz.  Deniz has changed a lot since then, but both Roman and Deniz are quite capable of having sex without being in love with someone.  It makes it ring more true for me, that they can do that.  I personally prefer that all those characters mentioned are in happy relationships, even if the writers prefer to have the audience suffer.  Ah, well, I'll keep reporting for Kris.
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