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I actually did go to bed relatively early, by my standards of "early."  I woke during the night and was up for about an hour, and then I got up pretty early by regular standards of early.  I'll probably be taking a nap after lunch.

I don't have specific plans for the day, but it's nice out, so I may work in the yard.  I might go for a walk in a local park with Mom.  I could do both.  We'll see.

Later: I worked out in the yard for several hours.  I moved the plants that I had in pots in the front yard over to the side yard so Dad could mow in front.  I weeded the area in front of the porch.  It looks a lot better out there now.  I planted all the lilies I had gotten in the spring in the "herb garden" by the west side of the house.  I tried to wrap all around them with hardware cloth, but that didn't turn out well.

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