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Anthony being a tease

Anthony Langford made a note in the Gays of Our Lives column that the interview with Dennis and Igor would be next week, instead.  I didn't see that anything else he put in could have possibly been more important.  He put in interviews with three of the actors on As the World Turns, one interview at a time, before the interview with Jo and Thore.  I was also eagerly waiting for that interview, and enjoyed it.

I enjoyed today's episode of Alles Was Zahlt, Roman standing up to his father and Marian talking to Egon.  Marian has come a very long way.  I'm glad to see Egon go, though.  He was awful to Roman and to Florian.  I like Florian at this point.  If he has the bad taste to go back into Zoe-territory, I'll probably waver, but for now he's good.

I was suckered into watching the full episode by Lil saying how adorable Lena looked this episode, which she did.  The Richard and Simone thing was tres icky.  Every time I thought it was finally, mercifully over, it just kept going.  Then Simone kept flashing back to it.  It was really getting to the "No, just no" point for me, except Richard and Celine had exceeded that ickiness at various times, including their time in the "pool of sin."

Verbotene Liebe: Today's episode is just about the last that Christian and Olli are in for the month, but the actors said they taped New York City Chrolli vlog episodes that Thursday(?) in March.  I was surprised to hear that it was their first trip to New York City.  Jo seems so sophisticated in some ways -- I expected he would have been to a lot of American cities.  I was personally excited, but not all that impressed, by the idea of going to New York City.  I was born near there, and we went there a lot when I was little.  I'd be impressed about going to San Francisco, or Los Angeles, or New Orleans.  Anyway, I still have the whole vlog to catch up with, and various old episodes to try to find in higher-quality video condition, and hopefully subtitled.  I hope they get a good storyline when they come back.

I got to the bookstore today, and put in a good couple of hours of sorting out books that were donated that day.  One box was mostly romances, so that would automatically have been mine to do.  I emptied out another box that was children's and YA fiction, including some Newbery winners.  Those I could sort out well enough.  I'm all right putting away classics.  I haven't read many, but I've heard of a lot.  I put away another couple of grocery bags full of paperback donations, and cleared off much of a table of them.  Then we made boxes and bags to go to the church book sale.  Two boxes of cookbooks, a couple of grocery bags full of duplicate books we had, and a couple of bags of religious books -- those were the ones we made besides the box of romance novels and the box of odds and ends we'd done the previous night.  I took them to the church, put out the paperback fiction, helped bring the cookbooks over to the cookbook location, and called it a day.

I have a busy couple of days of editing to do, but I'll still make time to watch at least the clips from Alles Was Zahlt.  I'm not going to start any new soap operas, but I'll keep up with that.

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