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I should go to bed pretty soon.

Later: I planted all of the irises I'd gotten recently, so that was good.  I also put those T-shaped labels by them with the cultivar name.  I might as well list them here.  The Old House Gardens irises that I got in late July are 'Mrs. Horace Darwin,' 'Queen of May,' 'Coronation' and pallida Dalmatica.

The irises I got from a relatively local sale include Iris germanica with a "N.W. Greece" note.  Perhaps that means it's a species iris, or species hybrid, or near-species variety.  I believe the flowers are supposed to have purple falls and standards that are a lighter-colored purple.  The others are 'Empress of India,' Odoratissima (I. pallida) and Dalmatica (I. pallida).  I believe there may be some overlap between the various old sorts of iris that I got this summer.

The irises I got in the spring and planted in the raised bed were 'Eleanor Roosevelt,' 'Wabash' and 'Swerti.'  They don't overlap with the irises I got this summer.  Some of the irises I got from the HIPS sale in 2019 may be some of the same kinds I got in 2020, but by the time I planted the ones I got in 2019, the leaves that had their names written on them had fallen off, so I don't know.  The 2019 ones did well overwintering in the vegetable garden, but then I transplanted most of them in the spring, and mostly into pots.

I read a soul food cookbook and The Enforcer Enigma.  There are a lot of recipes from that cookbook I'd like to try.

Retrospectively: I must have been talking about Carla Hall's Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration.

Also, thank you to past me for listing the irises I planted.  This has been very useful to go back to consult in the past few weeks.

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