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AfterElton take on hockey photos

I haven't watched all the videos in this "Morning Meme" (, so I can't speak to the whole thing.  I was very interested in what they had to say about the hockey-related pictures.  Although I live in the Philadelphia area, I wasn't about to jump on the Flyers bandwagon during the Stanley Cup finals, though Dad did start watching hockey then.  I had been a fairly big hockey fan from when the Avalanche were in the playoffs in 2001 until the hockey strike, then didn't get back to watching after the strike ended.  Even Mom said that she was rooting for the Flyers, because they were a Philadelphia team, which I couldn't really argue with.  I was just shocked that she knew a hockey game had three periods.

I remembered Chris Pronger from when he was a Blue.  He's had a reputation as a feared defenseman for years, partly because he's really mean on the ice.  Having the addition "is gay" after his name on the whiteboard in the Blackhawks dressing room got quite the variety of replies from the people who read this article:,247420.  I didn't read all of the replies, but enough to get the general idea, which didn't surprise me.  I was surprised there were a few commenters who didn't approve, for one reason or another.

Well, sports certainly has a long, long way to go in tolerance.  That's hardly unknown.
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