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And once again I should go to sleep pretty soon.  We'll see.  I don't have specific plans for Sunday.

Much later: I did some laundry and a line editing job, so those were productive things to do.

I ventured out in the evening to look at my plants.  The tiger lily buds that rose above the 3' high hardware cloth I put around the tiger lilies and daylilies to the north of the house are mostly eaten, but at least the entire stem isn't being eaten.  And the daylilies, which weren't that tall, bloomed nicely.  I watered a few of the plants in smaller pots in the front yard.  The heliotrope is blooming.

Retrospectively: the tiger lilies that were lower down on the stems bloomed.  I cut one stem of tiger lily flowers to bring in to enjoy them, but it had ants, so I put the vase outside on the porch.

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    I should go to sleep fairly soon.

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