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It was pretty much back to surfing the web.  I finished a proofreading job, this one relatively light work; and have a line editing job due Thursday.  It shouldn't take very long for me to go through it a second time.  It looked very clean the first time I went through it, and I think I only marked or changed a few things.  I always see more to fix the second or third time I read through a book, but this one gave me a good feeling, both with the editing and the story itself.  I generally enjoy Kate Hill's stories.  Some are wackier than others, but generally the protagonists are likeable, and she fits a fair amount of consistent world-building into the books.

I went through some AfterElton Gays of Our Lives columns from several months ago, looking for the reporting of the time on ATWT when they'd brought on Professor Mason Jarvis to be after Noah, and make it a love triangle.  Since the powers-that-be were even more afraid to have Mason touch Noah than they were to have Luke and Noah touch, it didn't go well.

I remembered Anthony Langford saying that one U.S. soap's clips for the week had put him in a blinding rage, and I think it was ATWT, out of the choices.  It was the November 10, 2009 edition of Gays of Our Lives.  I'm paraphrasing here, but the audience finally finds out what Noah's film is about.  It's a "heterosexualized" version of his and Luke's relationship.  I could recognize that the woman was "Luke," not that that particularly mattered anywhere but in Noah's screwed-up brain.  That wasn't the issue.  The couple were in bed together after sex, while Luke and Noah had never been shown having an afterglow -- or in bed undressed at all?  I'm still trying to clarify exactly how far they'd never gone.

Kyle and Oliver of One Life to Live were the first male couple in a daytime soap opera to have an on-screen love scene, at the beginning of this year, so Noah and Luke couldn't have done that.  The heterosexual versions of Luke and Noah start to fight, and "Noah" pulls his clothes on and runs off.  The real Luke was clearly affected by the break-up scene that was acted out, though he had a lot of other issues going on with parents coming back from the dead and typical things like that.  Also, Mason was touching Noah's shoulder, and even kissing him on the forehead.  Clearly, that was going almost as far as Luke and Noah had gone off-screen.

I have to agree that it was pretty insulting to have a straight couple portraying the relationship being allowed to show much more than the original couple had.  Anthony had much to say:  In columns shortly afterward, when there was news about a hot doctor coming to Oakdale to treat Noah, Anthony and some readers concluded that Van Hansis, who plays Luke, has chemistry with everybody, so if he and the hot doctor got together for some hand-holding, it would be much better than the Noah/Mason thing -- or non-thing.  We've seen how it's gone so far with the hot doctor, with Reid and Luke kissing several times already, and Reid getting as far as unbuttoning Luke's shirt.  Daring indeed, now that I know a bit of the history.

I wouldn't think they'd get anywhere near what Roman and his partners are shown doing on AWZ (which would be on pay-cable here), or the scene when Tom and Ulli finally make love on Verbotene Liebe -- torrid German love indeed. (  Today's Verbotene Liebe doesn't get close to that.  Even a year after Tom and Ulli got together, things had gotten far tamer (it must have been a heck of a backlash), and Jo Weil said that Olli and Tom weren't allowed to kiss too much.  They still did a fair amount of kissing and cuddling by today's American soap standards, and that was ten years ago.  Things were more relaxed again by 2008, and kissing was allowed, and touching, and afterglow.  It seems like DasErste doesn't go for the levels that RTL will, but they do allow some sensuous love scenes.

The American networks wouldn't allow the things on daytime that the German networks allow at dinnertime, but I would like for Reid and Luke to be able to do a lot more on-screen than Luke and Noah ever did.  Maybe it's not fair to Luke and Noah, but the show wasn't fair to them in the first place.  I have hopes that Luke and Reid will have more kissing, and shirtlessness, and even be shown having an afterglow.  It could happen. 
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