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I should get ready for bed pretty soon.

Later: I ended up going to bed fairly late, but I got some sleep.  Mom and I went to the library in the late morning to return books we'd finished and get books that we'd put on hold.

I watered some of the smaller outdoor potted plants after we got home.

I wasn't planning to work out in the yard, but I went out in the early evening, and it felt relatively cool.  I started with my plans to use hardware cloth to protect plants that are being eaten, and ended up using all 25' of the roll I'd gotten in mid-June in various places around the yard.  It seemed like it got darker and more humid when I began working out there.  I did remember to put a baseball cap on, so my scalp didn't get sunburned.  My forearms got somewhat scratched up from the hardware cloth, but I washed my arms and put antibiotic cream on the cuts.

Those plants that haven't been eaten are doing pretty well.  The 'Maid of Orleans' jasmine still has a number of flowers.  The red-flowered rose geranium does, too.  'Mme. Isaac Pereire' has some buds.

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