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I should go to sleep fairly soon.

Later: I didn't go to sleep "fairly soon" after midnight, but I did sleep on and off for much of the day.  That wasn't good.

I didn't plan to go outside, since it was hot and humid out, but I went outside long enough to pick the second tiny ripe strawberry from the strawberry plant I have growing in a hanging basket and water the new herbs that are on the porch.  The 'Maid of Orleans' jasmine has several buds.  I haven't noticed buds on the new jasmines, but maybe one will surprise me.  The scented geraniums are mostly in bloom.  I can see from the dining room window that the red bee balm is starting to bloom.

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    I should go to sleep fairly soon.

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    I started a new part-time job this morning. It went okay.

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