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Monday was a busy day, but it was pretty productive.

I went to sleep around the usual time, and woke up at 4:00 a.m., which has been my usual over the past several weeks.  I remember that I used to be able to sleep eight hours or more at a stretch, and miss that.  I went back to sleep after a while, and woke up at least another couple of times before getting up for the day around 11:00 a.m.

Dad came in from mowing the lawn while I was having brunch, and said his usual thing he says when he sees I've gotten up.  "Is it noon already?"

"Yes," I said.  It was 11:55 a.m., but close enough.

I had an appointment (via video).  We managed to connect, although sometimes the picture froze and sometimes our voices fuzzed out.

After that, I went out on errands.  I stopped at Walgreens and found some things I wanted on sale, so that was good.  I got gasoline for my car, which I'd been needing to do for a few days.  I walked around and looked at the flowers after I got home.  I made Mom cut my bangs, with interesting results.  I don't have bangs anymore now, actually, but they grow out again fast enough.  I cut Mom's hair.  Perhaps I should have told her to take out the bobby pin keeping some of it out of her eyes before I cut it.  I'm curious to see what it turns out to look like without the bobby pin.

I went in and looked in the mirror in the powder room to see the results.  "I told you I wouldn't be any good at cutting hair!" Mom said.  Fair enough.  My bangs will grow out again quickly enough.  I tried trimming to make what was left in the front and on the sides more even.  I'm not expert either.

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