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VL -- another perspective, continued

I'm still thinking over my look at a couple months of the lesbian storylines on Verbotene Liebe.  Stella and Charlie didn't ever get much past a little kissing, but their interactions fascinated me.  I could really relate to so much, from being tentative about trying a new thing (although I tried it several decades earlier in my life than Charlie did, only three or four years after I'd tried the "traditional" thing) and understanding about Charlie not wanting people to assume she was a lesbian.  I had worked through that process about twenty years ago, but I still remember my steps forward and backwards on altering my self-definition.

I related to Stella's and Olli's viewpoints, too.  Once you're good about people knowing you're gay, or lesbian, or bisexual (or at least a friendly crowd knowing that), you hope others can reach the perspective of not caring if people think they're queer.  It's something a lot of people don't even have to consider, but I believe a fair number of folks in the U.S. who define themselves as liberal take the issue in all seriousness.  They often have a lot of questions.  Some of the people they question are more willing than others to answer the questions, but, for me, I think that if someone genuinely is trying to learn, I should help as best I can.  People really thinking it over can only hope they'll have someone as patient and caring as Olli to talk to.

Those episodes were very educational.  I thought it was especially good that you got the lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual viewpoints, and everyone had valid points to make.  Charlie wasn't wrong in saying that it wasn't for her, but neither was she wrong in getting to the point of giving it a try.  Olli wasn't wrong in saying that if Charlie liked Stella so much, she could consider dating her.  Stella wasn't wrong for falling in love, and hoping it could work out.  Nobody was the bad guy.  They were just true to their characters and natures, and it all played out from there.

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