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I went to bed relatively early for me, but didn't sleep much.  I'll try to get more sleep soon, I think.

Later: I slept on and off, and got up for the day around 11:00 a.m.

I had talked with the L.s about coming over.  They came over after lunch.  Mrs. L. gave us more cloth face masks she had sewed.  I gave her the rest of the rather narrow sewing elastic that I'd gotten at Walmart, in case she had uses for a couple of yards of it.  They came in and talked with Mom and me for a while, and then I took Mrs. L. and A.L. around the yard.  They couldn't smell the roses with masks on, but I cut some roses for them, and a sweet bay magnolia flower, so they could enjoy the fragrances at home.  Mom ventured out into the yard far enough to see the full effect of the 'Teasing Georgia' rose, with its many flowers and buds.

Roses blooming now: 'Mme. Zoetmans,' 'Ispahan,' 'Botzaris,' 'Teasing Georgia,' 'Fantin-Latour,' 'Mme. Isaac Pereire' and the sweet briar.  'Leda' in bud, but the bud will probably be eaten by an animal.  'Maiden's Blush' has a few buds.

Irises still blooming: 'Susan Bliss,' 'Indian Chief' and probably-'Matinata.'

Heliotrope I got from the herb sale still blooming, lantana starting to bloom, some of the scented geraniums blooming.

I caught up on some CNN I had taped on Wednesday and Thursday nights after the L.s went home, at Mom's suggestion.

After a couple of hours of TV, I told Mom that I wanted to work out in the yard and plant some of the plants I'd gotten recently.  I put the basil I'd gotten from the herb sale into one of the blue pots I had put freesia bulbs in.  I hadn't seen any results from the freesia in several weeks.  I brought the basil in, since the temperature is supposed to go down into the forties tonight.  I planted the rosemary in the other blue pot.  I found a couple of freesia bulbs that had grown small roots planted deep in those blue pots, and replanted some in a pot that had small irises I'd gotten from the HIPS sale in 2019, and some in a pot where the Oriental lilies I got from the Christmas Tree Shop hadn't done anything.  It was several weeks between the time I'd gotten those lilies and the time I'd planted them, and they'd gotten moldy in that time, so I didn't have much in the way of expectations.

I planted the Greek oregano in the long, rectangular windowbox-type container that had thyme and sage in it already.  I still need to plant the Italian parsley somewhere where it will be protected from being eaten by non-human animals.  I planted the pink double freesia in a pot that can be hung up.

The top of the crinum ('Album') has greened up well, and the leaves are separating out from each other and growing.  The start of strawberry I'd planted in a hanging basket has lots of leaves now, and a couple of flowers.  I forget where I got that strawberry.  Maybe Lowe's or Home Depot?  I still need to plant the strawberries that came with my Direct Gardening order, and the blue "poppy" anemones, hardy glads and 'Stella d'Oro' daylily that also were bonuses.  The hardy glads are starting to sprout roots.

I transplanted one of the small pots of chives I got from the herb sale into a good-sized pot near the front door.  I forget if I stuck Abyssinian gladiolus bulbs in with the chives, but I think I did.  I planted the tubers of the pink tuberous begonias in a pot.  I'm pretty sure I put some of the Abyssinian gladiolus bulbs in with the begonias.  I wanted to get some of them planted, now that we've theoretically passed the last frost date.  It's supposed to go into the forties tonight, but hopefully the scented geraniums, jasmines, Canary Island broom and newly-planted begonia tubers will be okay out there.  I think they'll all be okay if the temperature stays some degrees above freezing.

I planted the cardinal flower near the drainpipe by the end of the porch.  The hardy geranium that has lived in a pot near there for a long time is blooming.  I planted a hardy carnation in a pot.  I still have two more of the carnations to plant.  I still have two of the 'Orange Glory' butterfly weed to plant, too.  I need to plant the mock oranges and "old-fashioned" lilacs.  I didn't want to put the mock oranges too close to the lilacs that are already there, in case of clashing fragrances.

I want to put the heliotropes I got at the herb sale in somewhat bigger pots than they came in, and plant the other pot of chives in the ground somewhere where I can dig into the ground.  I want to plant the scallions that have grown roots, too.  I want to plant the lemon scented geraniums (Pelargonium crispum) and small 'Rober's Lemon Rose' geranium that I got from the herb sale in maybe six-inch diameter pots, so I can still move them around.

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