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found another VL YouTube channel

Novemberstern75's channel seems to follow quite a lot of what happens with Stella and Carla, and includes Charlie's flirtation with woman-love.  The parts with Stella and Charlie overlap a bit with the Ichglotzutube clips of Christian and Olli, as Charlie was looking to Olli for advice on same-sex love, and Stella was also confiding some in Olli, and asking him what he thought Charlie was thinking.

Since it was Carla von Lahnstein, there was a lot of von Lahnstein plotting and scheming.  Ansgar and Tonya seem to be the evil von Lahnsteins, and Maria, once she comes into the picture.  Carla, Leonhard and Elisabeth appear to be the good von Lahnsteins.  Now that I've seen a bit more of Leonhard, I miss him.  The good guys worked with someone named Natalie, too.  At one point, Natalie racked Ansgar, and that was fun to see.  As far as I could tell, he richly deserved it.  That was right when he'd framed Carla for arms-dealing.

There was quite a lot more of Gregor in these clips, since he and Stella were roommates for a while.  It was very different to see the show with the perspective focused on the lesbian characters.  It was also very interesting to see much more of what happened between Stella and Charlie.

I had re-watched those Ichglotzutube episode clips where Stella has a crush on Charlie, the parts which had Christian and Olli in them.  As I posted yesterday, Olli and Elisabeth see the newspaper with the picture of Stella kissing Charlie, and tease Charlie until she yells, "Damn it, I'm not a lesbian!"

I also love Charlie working her way from trying to justify herself up to an apology.  She comes to stand next to her nephew.  "Olli, you know perfectly well that I've got nothing against gays or lesbians."

"You just don't want people to think you're one of them," Olli says.

"Why can no one understand that?"

"Why?  Who else didn't didn't understand that?" he asks.  Charlie looks up at Olli, and he looks back from those long eyes.  "Stella."

Charlie says, "She acted like I had insulted her personally."

"To be honest with you, that's not really surprising.  You sounded you like think being a lesbian is disgusting," he says.

Charlie assures him that that wasn't it, that she was just shocked, and overreacted.  "I didn't mean to offend anyone.  I'm sorry."  Olli puts his arm around her shoulders, then tells her she should apologize to Stella.  (5/26 & 5/27/09 episodes)

Novemberstern had the episode with Stella kissing Charlie, and Charlie's reaction to seeing the picture in the paper.  She didn't sound at all happy about it.  If I caught enough words, she was really upset that anyone would think she was a lesbian.  Stella said, "Is that so bad?"  Charlie called the newspaper, in front of Stella, to tell them to print a retraction, or to not print false information.  I would have been offended, too.  Charlie did sound like she thought it was horrible that people would think she was a lesbian, but Stella quickly forgave Charlie when Charlie came to apologize. 
Charlie got to the point of trying a relationship with Stella, with Olli's encouragement.  It was much more just friendship and emotional closeness on Charlie's part, and not at all the kind of love Stella had for her.  On 6/24 and 6/25/09, the group celebrated Stella's birthday.  Charlie was thinking about how far she thought she could go with Stella.  I'm sure I've posted these lines before, but they're still some of my favorites.  Charlie is again consulting Olli, her resident expert on gay relationships.  "How was it for you the first time you were with a man?  That must have felt weird, too."

"I was thirteen at the time," Olli replies.  I just think that was classic.

By the time of the party, Charlie has gotten as far as being okay with semi-public displays of affection, at least just kissing.  Olivia watches Charlie kiss Stella, and says, "So you're really together now?  Has she managed to turn you after all?"

Charlie says, "Who would have thought?"

Olivia looks at Olli.  "Our aunt..."

Olli says, "You're the only one in our family who's still waving the flag for straights."

"True, and it's going to stay that way," Olivia says.

"Life might surprise you," Olli replies.  (All translations by Nanna.) 

When Stella and Charlie went to party in private, that's when Charlie reached her limit with how far she could go.  Stella told Christian about it, and Christian told Stella to have patience.  Charlie told Olli about it, and that's when he asked her if she thought she'd try it again sometime, or if she didn't think she'd ever be able to go through with it.
Once Olli realized that Charlie wasn't going to change from being heterosexual -- and he had kind of thought so for a good part of this relationship -- he told her she had to tell Stella the truth.  That's what I got out of the conversation he had with her 7/1/09, part 73 of Novemberstern75's clips.  The clips weren't subtitled, so I just tried to get the gist of it.

From the Ichglozutube subtitles of the clips around May and June with that storyline, Olli was the one who'd told Charlie that if she really liked Stella, she should try a relationship with her, but as signs continued to point to Charlie not being able to go through with it, he tried not to give Stella any false hopes about Charlie changing.

Olli's role in it all was very interesting.  He gave his open viewpoint about loving the person and not the gender to Charlie, who took it under consideration.  That's how Olli is, and he thought there might be a chance it could work for someone else.  After all, Olli had eventually brought Christian out.  Olli is really kind of a special case, though.  I think it's fairly rare that a man is truly bisexual like that, although it's worked well for the show.  Some of the show's characters have changed orientations, and some have stayed the same.  Charlie was quite capable of homosocial friendship relationships, but couldn't take it further.  As far as I know, Stella and Carla never changed orientations, although I know relatively little about them and their history.  Well, it's certainly another take on it all to explore.  
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