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I'll see if Thursday is busy.

Much later: Mom was talking about going for a walk in the park, but I was more interested in what was going on in the yard at home.  I had Mom hold onto my arm and took her around the parts of the yard that are relatively more flat.  The lilacs are starting to go by, but there were still plenty of flowers on them.  You can see them out the back door, so Mom had seen them at a little distance for a couple of weeks, but not up close.

The 'Crimson King' iris in the raised bed in front is in full bloom.  I've been enjoying that.  The orris is blooming now, too, and the 'Susan Bliss' iris has buds.  So does a mystery iris planted in a rectangular pot.  I guess I'll find out which one it is when it blooms.  It's one of the ones from the Historic Iris Society's 2018 sale.  I planted the 2019 irises late, and they overwintered in the vegetable garden, where Dad plants his tomatoes.  I moved the great majority of them to other places this spring, except for a narrow strip of half a dozen or so on one end of the garden.  It's still a little too early for tomatoes.

I did yardwork in the afternoon.  The daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and crocuses have gone by, and the grass and weeds had gotten tall in that area on the steep hill in front.  I cut the grass there, mostly with my pruning shears, and weeded.  I used the pruning shears and clippers for some of the weeding.  I pulled some of the softer weeds out with my bare hands.  I was sitting on kneeling pads, but I was wearing sweatpants, and I kept sliding slightly down the hill and moving my way back up again to the area I was working on.  I didn't ever slide far, because my sneakers have traction, but I wouldn't have been able to stand for more than a few minutes at a time on that hill.  I needed to be low to the ground to work and not mess up my back or fall.

I added a few more little cuts to the collection already on my hands, but nothing major.  I cleaned out all of the little cuts on my hands with peroxide after I showered, and I'll put some first aid cream on them.  I actually got a blister on one finger from the manual labor.  That never happens.  If I'm working around the roses, I wear heavy leather gloves.  They stop many of the thorns and I suppose protect me from getting blisters.  I hadn't realized they kept me from getting blisters.

I'd moved the pots of daylilies from the porch to over on the other side of the driveway.  When I came up the hill and towards the pots, a squirrel and at least two groundhog pups ran from that area to the shed that the groundhogs live under.  Maybe it was three groundhog pups, but I'm pretty sure the first rodent had a long, fluffy tail.  I could tell the groundhogs were pups because they were maybe a third of the size of the adults.  To me they looked like they were less than ten pounds each, maybe closer to six or seven pounds, depending how many of my garden plants they'd eaten lately.  I'm sure growing groundhogs have good appetites.  They'll be having pups of their own in a few months, I'm sure.

I walked around the yard again on my own a couple more times.  The pink lily-of-the-valley patch had a few plants with flowers.  I picked the stalk of flowers that was farther away from the poison ivy, and brought it in to enjoy the fragrance and how pretty the flowers are up close.  There are lots of ferns in the former vegetable garden that became the shade garden when the trees around it grew too tall.  I want to dig some of them up and put them where we can see them regularly, especially the Japanese painted fern.  I want to dig up the acorus, too.  I think it's Acorus graminius (sp?), and it has variegated leaves.  I'll put it near a drainpipe.

The sweet woodruff is in full bloom.  That's nice in its own way.  The columbine bulbs (?) I planted this spring are sprouting, and the columbine plants in the rectangular pot with the white lily-of-the-valley are in bud.  The spearmint I dug up from near the raised bed and planted in the herb garden has taken.  I'm happy about that.  I have clumps of lemon balm, and plenty of the red-flowered bee balm in there, too.

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