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I should go to sleep very soon.

Later: I actually did go to sleep pretty soon after that, and got a decent night's sleep for the first night in a long time.  I feel better for that.  I woke up congested, but it was allergies.

Mom wants to go for a walk in the park while it's a relatively nice day, and I want to do some yardwork.

Later than that: I ended up doing yardwork for several hours in the afternoon.  I planted the jasmines and scented geraniums I'd gotten a couple of days ago.  I weeded around the flowering plants and shrubs in front of the porch.  Dad helped me make a bigger cage of hardware cloth around the clump of daylilies and tiger lilies to the north side of the house, near the Old Garden Roses.  I felt like it was a productive day of doing yardwork.

It was quite warm out, but I was okay.  It was cool enough in the shade of the porch, and I was on the porch when I planted the tender plants.  I didn't feel like I was drastically overheating.  It was cloudy when I started, but the sun came out.  I think my face got a little sunburned.  I'll have to wear a cap next time it's sunny, or remember to put sunscreen on, or both.

Mom and I watched "Call the Midwife" in the evening.  That was about the only TV I watched all day. 

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