neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,


I should go to sleep soon.

Later: I think I conked out pretty early.

I got out and did yardwork in the early afternoon.  I planted a lot of bulbs and transplanted some plants.  We'll see how things do.

I got jasmines, an apple scented geranium and a Spanish broom plant.  Maybe that was Monday that I got them.  I transplanted the scented geranium and the broom to larger pots.  I'll transplant the jasmines soon.

Dad was in pain from digging through shale to plant serviceberry bushes he'd gotten for Arbor Day.  He'd played phone tag with the doctor for a couple of days, but finally talked to Dr. M.  I ended up going out to get a prescription for him and more soap for Mom.  I had not planned to go out in public for the fifth day in a row.  It's mostly been grocery stores, too.

I went upstairs and lay down for a while after dinner.

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