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I need to go to bed soon.

Later: I think I did go to bed fairly soon after that.  I got up briefly at 5:00 a.m., and then went back to bed and went back to sleep pretty quickly.  I got up for the day at 9-something in the morning.

I wasn't planning to go out, partly because it was rainy and somewhat cold.  I remembered a video appointment that I had in the early afternoon.  Mom was saying that if I didn't want to go out to grocery stores today that she would go by herself.  I went with her after my appointment, but I let her go into the grocery stores with me and see what it was like for herself, how some aisles have empty shelves, and people go the wrong way down one-way aisles, and may dart in front of you to reach something.  We both had face masks on.  Mom did find several of the things she wanted, so that was good.  And we worked together to a fair extent.  I think she was happy having control over the process.  But she could see why I had trouble getting some items, and how the shelves were cleaned out of some stock by the afternoon.  The checkout lines were very long, also.

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