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caught up for today

Nanna didn't have anything new on her Ichglotzgerman channel today.  The other day, she had a lot more of Olli being starstruck by Philipp on that channel than she later put up on the Ichglotzutube channel, and Andi giving Olli somewhat of a hard time about it.  Olli is well-established as being an avid reader of all those magazines about royalty.

I may catch up on the last few episodes of Verbotene Liebe over the next couple of days.  I still want the von Lahnsteins -- and Andi -- to realize that Tristan acts the way he does around men who want to date Helena because he's in love with her.  I end up fast-forwarding through a lot that isn't Christian and Olli, but I do like the Andi and Nico interactions, and Charlie talking with Elisabeth von Lahnstein or Arno.

I watched the clips from Alles Was Zahlt, and then the whole show some hours later.  Zoe is awful.  We love Detective Koch, of course, but she's always wrong.  She should be investigating Egon Wild for child abuse, not Richard Steinkamp.  Yes, it's a serious matter, but the audience and Richard know very well that Zoe is lying about it.  Zoe should be sent to a strict boarding school, possibly one which allows caning (and not in what some friends consider to be the good way).  At the very least, Florian should hear the truth about it, and be disgusted that she lied about getting the abuse that he and Roman really got.  Roman can't stand Zoe in the first place.  This might lead to him disliking her even more, if that's possible.

I'm looking forward to the continuation of the Wild family storyline.  I'm finding that to be good drama, even though the sons' interaction with their father breaks my heart.  I'm still pretty unhappy with the cheating storyline.  Yes, the actors are all doing fantastic jobs with the material they've been given.  I just wish the writers hadn't decided to ruin a happy relationship.  As much as I know things on that front will quickly get much worse when Deniz gets back, I miss him terribly.

Well, that's my take on it for tonight.

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