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another quiet day

I didn't sleep at all last night, though I tried to sleep between two and eight in the morning.  I finally fell asleep around nine a.m., and slept all day.  I finished that very challenging proofreading job, at least the first go-through on it.  I'll read it over again before I send it back tonight.

A. and I have been discussing what might have been going through Christian's head at various times on Verbotene Liebe.  I went into great detail on my take on the first time Christian and Olli make love, on the episode which aired March 17, 2008.  It's perfectly clear that it's not just sex.  There's so much tenderness and emotion between the two of them.  As soon as the afterglow fades, Christian is terrified by the ramifications, and as Nanna says, "goes back into denial."

The denial only lasts another couple of weeks, and comes to a head when Christian can't stand to see another man touching Olli's ass, and gives the guy a good hip-check.  (Correction: It's more of an elbow, but it's enough to knock Rick down.)  Olli realizes what the deal is right away.  "You're jealous!"  Christian denies it, but he's a lousy liar.  This whole thing building between him and Olli might have made him all mixed up, but he knows Olli is his.

It takes Christian a good couple of months after that to work it all out in his head, but once he admitted he loved Olli, he was committed to him.  Even in some of the episodes lately, when Christian and Olli's relationship was so troubled, Christian kept showing how devoted to Olli he was.  It's not complicated for Christian.  He loves Olli with his whole heart.

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