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I went to bed at the usual time, though I was trying to go to bed earlier.  I woke at 6:30 a.m. instead of 5:00 a.m., so that was better.  After a while I tried to go back to sleep.  I got up for the day around elevenish.

After I had brunch and checked my e-mail, Mom and I went out.  She drove, and then sat in the car and read her book when I went to one of the cheaper grocery stores in the area, which had much of what we wanted except for eggs and tissues.

After that, we went to Walmart.  She drove, put her disabled parking placard up in the car and got through more of her book, while I went in and shopped.  They had tissues and such there, and eggs that turned out to be pretty expensive, as eggs go.  They didn't have the sort of Cetaphil handwash she likes, but they didn't have that much in the way of handwash or soft soap.  Fortunately, I have dozens of bars of soap at home.  It was a successful trip for me, and all in all a fairly successful trip for Mom.

We had a late lunch.  I was on the computer for a while, and then watching some TV, and then back on the computer.

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