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I got more sleep last night than I had the previous night, but not enough.

I don't really have to be anywhere today, but I'd like to get more done with the crocus and daylilies that I dug out of the former rose garden yesterday.  It's damp out and I think it rained, so it might be a relatively good day for digging and planting.

Later: I bundled up and alternated between wearing disposable rubber gloves and gardening gloves.  With the layers of hoodie and medium-weight coat, my trapper's cap sort of hat, and the gloves, I felt very warm.  With the hat on, I didn't even notice that it was raining.

I planted a few daylilies, and more of the crocuses, in a windowbox-type pot.  I put a couple of the plastic trays for flats of plants over the top of that pot.  I put a plastic orange crate upside down over the pot of tulips and crocuses I planted yesterday, and then put a little rectangle of hardware cloth that Dad had found over the top of the whole thing -- the bottom of the crate.  Maybe tomorrow I'll go get more hardware cloth or chicken wire with very small holes.

I planted what I think are little sprouts off hyacinth bulbs from the pot of them I got last spring in a larger pot that also has the pineapple mint in it.  I don't usually manage to overwinter pineapple mint.  I'm not sure if the crinum survived the winter or not.  There was something else in another pot in front of the house that had a lot of live roots.  I'm not sure what that was.

I weeded quite a lot near the porch.  I weeded out the area where the cyclamen leaves are.  This made the cyclamen leaves fall over, but I put some plastic labels by them to mark where the cyclamen are.  I also put labels around the iris near them.  I think that one is 'Blue Staccato.'  I weeded out the pot that has columbines and a lily-of-the-valley in it, and put more good soil in that pot.  The leaves of the hyacinths planted near the porch are coming up.  I found the calamus that I had planted in that area, and put plastic labels all around that, so Dad doesn't think it's a weed.

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