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S.M. gave me a wake-up call, and I'd actually set my alarm clock properly, so I managed to stagger out of bed, find a couple of books about Old Garden Roses, clip some roses, and get to garden club more-or-less on time.  The ones I picked were the Apothecary Rose (Red Rose of Lancaster), Rosa Mundi, 'Maiden's Blush', 'Konigin von Danemark', 'Cardinal de Richelieu', 'Mme. Plantier', and 'Ispahan'.  There's a lot of bloom yet on 'Ispahan', Rosa Mundi, and 'Maiden's Blush'.

The ladies enjoyed my talk, so they said.  I explained what each rose was, Gallica, Alba, Damask, or possibly hybrid China ('Cardinal de Richelieu').  I said that I'd picked the blossoms of the Apothecary Rose off of the bush of Rosa Mundi, because it was sporting back from the striped sport, Rosa Mundi, to the original solid dark pink.  Some of them were familiar with the reversion of variegated cultivars back to the plain-leaved or plain-flowered original plant.  I was able to answer all their questions about the roses, and they had quite a lot.  D.S. and S. said that I'd pronounced 'Konigin von Danemark' just fine when I asked them to correct my pronounciation.  They asked about ramblers and climbers, and I explained the differences, and P. asked about standard roses -- she called them "tree roses," but I figured she must mean standard roses.  Most of them knew about grafts and budwood.

Alles Was Zahlt: Saw it in the original German.  Much going on with Roman.  I fast-forwarded through parts which didn't have Roman or Florian.  Roman finally got through to Deniz.  It was very cool to think that I'd seen Igor that day, that he'd seen me making an "Ich liebe Lisabea" sign only a few hours before that.  Next year we'll get a picture of Dennis G. holding up that sign, or wearing a sparkly T-shirt with that message.  I am determined.  Anyway, there was Deniz/Igor in Times Square, talking to Roman.  I wasn't very happy about the scenes with Marc and Roman, although I have to admit they were pretty hot -- and daring, even for AWZ.

Added: Knowing what Roman said made him less sympathetic, but seeing him arch and stretch out like that -- once again I think of Anthony Langford's joy about what a sexual creature Roman is allowed to be.  I thought Roman really had a "worship this body like you've been dying to do" vibe going on towards the end of the episode.  Marc was so eager to do exactly that.  He thinks it would be easy for Roman to choose him.  I think he's severely underestimating Deniz, and how much Roman loves Deniz.  Slutty Roman is very hot, but I'm still not at all happy about any of the interaction between Roman and Marc.

Verbotene Liebe had a brief scene with Christian at the Schloss von Lahnstein.  Apparently he let Olli out of bed long enough for he himself to go to work.  There was a gratuitous shot of him adjusting the buckles on his riding boots.  I swear the directors make that their focus at times.  David was not too happy with Rebecca, but he should have known better.  This was all on the Ichglotzgerman channel.  If I get ambitious, I'll watch the last few full episodes of Verbotene Liebe.  Really, though, all I need are Christian and Olli scenes.   

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