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quiet day so far

I've had a sinus headache I couldn't shake all day.  I took a couple of Advil, then a few hours later took some Extra-Strength Tylenol.  The Advil helped some.  The Tylenol seems to be helping more.  I canceled out on having H. come weed because it was so hot today and I was so headachey.  I'll probably have her come tomorrow, after garden club.  We're supposed to have the regular meeting, then the annual meeting, then my talk about Old Garden Roses, and then another try at all of us having lunch together at a restaurant.  The meeting is starting an hour early.  I need to pick some roses and put them in water with floral preservative -- which won't take too long.  I also need to get my books about antique roses together, which also shouldn't take long.

P. and I are taking a trip to Wal-Mart tonight.  I have a lot of things I want to get there which are cheaper than I'd find them in the grocery store.  Will report on that later.  Added: Got most of what I wanted, plus a pink scoop-necked T-shirt which was $4.00, and silver nail polish.

The teasers for today's and tomorrow's episodes of Verbotene Liebe didn't have Christian and Olli in them.  I'll just pretend that Christian still can't get enough of Olli and is barely letting him leave their bed.  Christian would remember back in the day, when Olli said, "I need something to eat, or I'll get all weak."  (Or, "defenseless," in another translation.)
Christian said, "But that's the way I like you." 

(Correction: First, Christian said, "Why don't we order a pizza and go back to bed?"

Olli: "I'm hungry.  If I don't get a bite right now, I'll get all weak."

"But that's the way I like you best," Christian replied.  With an alternate translation, he says, "Well, I like you best when you're defenseless."  4/4/08)

I loved that at the end of yesterday's episode, Olli could barely stand up.  It seems like Christian gets a big kick out of wearing Olli out.  He'd worked hard to provide Olli a good breakfast, too, so Olli could get his energy back after that night.  Despite the bad plot they were getting, they're still so beautiful together.

*Assorted spoilers*  At the beginning of today's episode of Alles Was Zahlt, I felt like Roman was a hero, standing up to his father to protect his brother.  Roman probably expected to be hit.  I expected he would be, but his father didn't hit him that time.  Roman is a hero to Flo, that's for sure.  If I were one of the Wild brothers, talking to the German version of family services, I'd be sure to mention the abuse their father doles out to them.

I didn't want Roman to turn to Marc, but it seemed inevitable.  Sure, Roman has feelings for Marc, but he also wanted to be protected, and comforted, and made to feel wanted.  Deniz would have done that if Deniz were there.  Roman is a flawed character, and sometimes he's weak.  These last few episodes are actually explaining much about the causes behind why he acts like he does.  You just know that Deniz will find out about Roman's cheating in the worst way, probably around the same time Roman is trying to let Marc go.  We'll see how it plays out.  The Eskimo Kiss ladies are loving the drama and angst.  I still think there were ways to create drama and angst without having cheating involved, but I'm not the one writing for the show.

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