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I should go to sleep very soon.

Later: I went to sleep soon after that.  I woke a few hours later and read for a while, then went back to sleep until around 11:00 a.m.  I watched more of the Westminster judging.

I canceled a regular appointment I had today because I didn't want to risk giving other people the flu.  I didn't feel terrible today, though.  Not great, clearly still sick, but not what I'd consider horribly ill.  I figure I'll feel bored with myself by Wednesday or Thursday and go out to the grocery store or something.  I called to ask the doctor about contagion.  She said the flu was the most contagious within the first 72 hours of symptoms.  If I wasn't feverish, I should be okay to go out at this point.  If I am feverish, don't go out, were her instructions.

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