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I didn't sleep very well, but I did sleep.  I should have gone to bed earlier, but I was still watching the Westminster agility competitions.  I think I got up around 9-something.

Mom and Dad had skipped church.  Dad had had a bad coughing fit earlier in the morning, and Mom didn't think she could manage driving to church and getting the walker in and out of the car and walking as much as church requires by herself.

I didn't feel very good when I got up, but improved somewhat later in the morning.  I watched more of the dog agility competitions on video.  There was actually a basset hound in the standard agility competition for smallish dogs and dogs with shorter legs.  It was definitely a step up from the toy dog and corgi-level jumping heights, but it wasn't for the largest dogs.

Later: I got some laundry done, and did a line edit.

I watched more of the agility competitions for various heights of dog.  There were a couple of agility Chihuahuas, and I think a couple of agility Pomeranians in the toy dog/very short-legged dog competitions.

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