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I went to bed relatively early, for me.  I got up at 10-something, I think.

I feel like my cold is turning into bronchitis.

Dad took Mom to orthopedic urgent care because she was having very bad knee pain again, and felt like her knee wasn't steady.  They took X-rays and think that the top part of her knee replacement is coming loose.  That will involve lots of orthopedic stuff, but at least she was proactive about going to the doctor about it after a few days of bad pain.  And they advised her to use a walker, so maybe that will help with the weight-bearing and feeling more steady with her balance.

I definitely feel like my cold has turned into bronchitis, but in the afternoon I took Mom out so she could run her errands.  I wasn't happy about going out into the snow on these ventures, but we got home okay.  Tomorrow I'll go to regular urgent care for the probable bronchitis.

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