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and today's soap operas

Well, I saw the German ones in the original German.  On Alles was zahlt, Roman's father is in town, and on Verbotene Liebe, Christian is breaking Olli's heart.  Part of the teaser from Friday was a cracky dream sequence of Olli's, of Christian going back to women in a big way.  Olli didn't feel a whole lot better about it when he woke up, though.  He and Christian yelled some and talked some.  Christian told Olli he loved him.  Olli didn't seem that consoled.  I get all woobie when Olli's gorgeous green eyes fill with tears.  Even if he's been acting like a big jerk lately, I hate to see him in pain.  I'll have more to say when I've seen the subtitles.
Added: When I saw what Christian and Olli were saying, it made me that much more woobie.  They're breaking each other's hearts.  I thought it was rich that Olli was talking about not being able to trust Christian when Olli still hasn't told Christian about Rob's striptease in the kitchen.  I was still all woobie, though.  The guys are such good actors.

Alles was zahlt: When I understood what he was saying, Roman broke my heart, too.  Marc isn't forcing Roman to do anything he doesn't want to, but Roman needs to get support from somewhere.  Like Roman said, it was an unfortunate time for Deniz to be out of town.  You could just see Roman go back to being fifteen again when his father showed up.  I'm reluctantly not hating Marc so much, despite his relentless pursuit of Roman.  At least he will stand up to Roman's father.  I'm sure Deniz would have, too, if Deniz had been in town. 

I have really broken down about As the World Turns.  I love the Luke/Reid scenes.  I want more of them kissing and some love scenes, but Reid kicking Luke to the curb was pretty entertaining, too.  Between Reid, Luke and Noah, Reid seems like the only grownup in the scenario.  Luke and Noah act like they're in high school, and they are several years too old for that.  Luke needs to get over Noah fast, and apologize a lot to Reid.  I hope Reid takes him back.  Even if Luke isn't in love with Reid, if he still just "has feelings" for him, I'd like to see As the World Turns have some Luke/Reid sex scenes.  Guys do not have to be in love to have sex.  Actually, some don't even need to have feelings for the other person, or know his or her name.  Of course Luke isn't like that, but it's not like he and Noah ever had sex.  It's time for Luke to lose his virginity.
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