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Apparently Wuschel98 has just been downloading old Verbotene Liebe clips from when Tom and Ulli first met.  It's hot in the computer room, so I had the fan on.  That meant that I was catching even fewer words than usual of the German.  Eventually, I put my earbuds in, and got a good bit more of it.  In the eighteenth episode, Tom and Ulli go camping.  They fall into a lake, and to warm up they cuddle together nearly naked in a sleeping bag.  They start to talk about relationships, which is when Tom tells Ulli about his last relationship.  "Chris ist Mann," he clarifies.

I perfectly understood Ulli's next words, "Du bist schwul?"  Ulli could not get out of the sleeping bag fast enough.  I was rolling on the floor laughing at the situation.  I hadn't thought Tom had outed himself to Ulli yet, and it was the eighteenth episode of twenty.  I figured it had to happen sooner or later.

After those clips, it picks up with the Tom and Ulli clips I'd seen before.  They're even available with subtitles on TorridGermanLove's channel.  Ulli is very nervous around Tom to start with in those episodes, but comes around.

It was pretty cool to see when Ulli and Tom first met and got to know each other.  There were some good moments.

I watched some older subtitled clips from Eskimo Kiss Project and Ichglotzutube, and I understood a decent amount more of the German.  I'd learned quite a few more words.  It's been nine months since I inadvertently started on this immersion German program.  Since, then I've acquired German-English dictionaries, the textbooks my brother gave me, and a secondhand copy of German for Dummies.  Also, D.S. has started giving me German lessons/translations.  I could have actually taken the shows as part of an instruction method, and not just kept it purely learning as much German as I felt like.  But I figure that if I take it as studying, it will ruin it for me.  Learning because I want to understand what the characters I like are saying makes it fun.
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