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So far it's been quiet, but that will change when the parental units get home.

I went out in the early afternoon and worked on cutting down dead flower stalks, mostly from the bee balm, and cutting off dead iris leaves.  I cut dead clumps of leaves off the 'Bowles Mauve' wallflower, only to find that the stems below the dead rosettes of leaves were still alive.  Given that some of the leaves in other clumps of them were still green, I'd known that the plant was still alive.  I guess I'll find out how hardy it is, and how perennial it is.

In the later afternoon, Mom and I went for a walk in a local park.  The temperature was in the 60s F.  Lots of parents had brought their little kids to the park, but they were playing on the playsets for the most part.  We enjoyed the fresh air, though Mom did take my jacket when she got cold.

After that, we went to the grocery store, and got plenty of food.

I finished an editing job after dinner.  It was a relief to get that done.  Also I read a Lori A. Witt book that was pretty grim.

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