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catching up on full episodes

I watched Thursday and Friday's episodes of Alles Was Zahlt last night.  I ended up fast-forwarding through a lot that wasn't Roman and Deniz anyway, though I slowed to watch bits of other storylines.  It's nice to see Lena and Annette getting along better again.  It's been a couple months since Annette nearly froze Alexander to death, and I guess Lena's kind of getting over it.  I like a lot of the other characters, but I'm really getting enough from the clips that Eskimo Kiss Project is subtitling.

I watched Thursday's episode of Verbotene Liebe.  Again, I was fast-forwarding through most of the parts which didn't have Christian and Olli.  I watched a little of Andi and Nico interacting.  They're cute together, and apparently have quite a history.  Friday's episode didn't have the guys in the credits.  I may watch it later tonight or tomorrow.

I hope that a certain part of the teaser for Monday's episode is Olli having a cracky dream sequence.  I don't think it would be happening in real life.  We'll find out Monday evening.  Tom Chroust had said that the only limitation the powers-that-be on the show had put on him for the original development of Christian and Olli's relationship was that it not be the primary storyline of the show, that it stay a secondary storyline.  I'm wondering now if their storyline is one of the more important ones lately.

It's only a very few weeks since I started watching the whole show, and I'm fast-forwarding through a lot that isn't the guys.  There's assorted stuff going on with the von Lahnsteins.  I'm not finding that too interesting, partly because I don't understand much and partly because I don't think it's that interesting to start with.  I'd like to see Charlie and Elisabeth have more plot.

I want Olli and Christian to have better plot, in which Olli is acting like himself and is back up to his usual intelligence level.  I desperately miss Gregor.  I'm sure renting horses is expensive, but Jo and Thore promised there would be more "horse-riding" scenes.  I'm looking forward to that.  I console myself that the characters wouldn't get killed off unless the actors were ready to leave the show, and that both of them seem to be enjoying what they're doing.
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