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Mom and I went out in the early afternoon.  Dad had taken Mom to the eye doctor in the morning, and her pupils were still dilated.  However, she wanted to see a GP before the New Year holidays started.  She ended up seeing Dr. C.  Mom thinks Dr. C. is nice.  I read in the waiting room while Mom saw him, then dropped her off at the library and went to Walmart.  I got health and beauty stuff I'd run out of, or was running out of, so that was good.  I went back to the library and looked for some of the books that the Washington Post and New York Times thought were the best of 2019.  The library had them, but they were checked out and many had several holds on the first copy returned.  I wasn't surprised.  I got a couple of books about steampunk culture.  I was eager to head home before dark.

After that I think I was pretty much done.  My ear is a lot better, though.  The pain is gone, though occasionally it's a little itchy.  I expect that's part of the healing process.

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