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various errands

Got a couple of checks, so I was off to the bank.  Next stop was the dollar store -- different one from yesterday -- where I got Dad a glowstick with a flag on top.  It's like the fairy wands, but more patriotic.  He loves anything with American flags on it, as long as the flags are being used respectfully.  I had dropped Mom off in front of the dollar store, but she went off to the liquor store instead.  I searched the dollar store three times looking for her, then found her outside by the car with her bottles of sherry.  We put the bottles in the car, then Mom went to the dollar store to get the things she'd wanted while I stayed in the car and listened to my iPod.

We went to the library, then to a nearby YMCA so we could get summer memberships.  Mom signed herself and Dad up.  I'll probably go back and get a membership when I have more money.  I can be Mom's guest meanwhile.  Then we headed off to get spring water.  I stopped at the larger Indian grocery store in the area while Mom stayed in the car with a library book.  She can't deal with the smell of herbs and Indian cooking.  I got rasmalai, gulab jamun, something that looks like an eclair but has a long name -- it was good, though -- mango drink, mango lassis, and a couple of naan.  Since I discovered that the Indian grocery stores have mango lassis, they've been added as a regular purchase.

We'll probably head to the grocery store and the local Wal-Mart this evening.  We've got a pretty long list of things we want at Wal-Mart, and some groceries to get.  Mom lost her handicapped parking placard, which makes it a lot harder to find a parking space, but we'll work it out.  Mostly I've just been dropping her off by the entrances of the places anyway.  That seems to be fine with her.
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