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I went to bed late and got up late.

I did admin volunteer work at the SPCA for a couple of hours.  It was very busy.  I first went in the back and shredded newspaper to be used as kitty litter.  After a while, R., who had trained me on admin tasks, came in and thought of more clerical kinds of tasks for me to do.

I called Mrs. L. to see what she was up to on Monday.  I said that if Mom was up to it, she and I would go to Longwood Gardens.  Mrs. L. was busy, though.  She and Mom exchanged Chrismas greetings.

I talked on the phone to L.M. for about half an hour.

I did a line editing job in the late afternoon and evening.

  • Saturday

    I stayed up late, so I'll be going back to sleep very soon.

  • Friday

    I had a quiet day. I participated in cooking dinner. I sorted out some e-book files and watched CNN in the evening.

  • Thursday

    I stayed up very late, until 3-something. I woke early and was on the computer for a while, and then went back to bed. I got up for the day at…

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