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I met up with the L.s at Longwood Gardens.  I'd tried to make reservations for the day a few weeks previously, but I must have hit the wrong button somewhere and the reservations didn't take.  I got to the ticket/membership card scanners there slightly after 2:00 p.m. and got in without a problem.  I got a hold of the L.s after that -- they'd missed my earlier call, which had gone to voice mail.  They came at the time they had made their reservation for, 2:30 p.m.  Meanwhile, I had looked around the Main Conservatory and East Conservatory, and was happy enough to hang out there out of the rain, with lovely Christmas displays to enjoy.  It was pouring when I trotted from my car to the Visitors' Center, and I got soaked.  By the time the L.s got to the East Conservatory, they said it was only drizzling a bit.

We went around the conservatory loop, and I saw all of the conservatories, including the ones I missed when B.G. got claustrophobic.  It was a gray day outside, so I didn't exactly see them in sunlight, but I saw them during the day, and not at night.  Also, the camellias are blooming now.  Then we went to an organ singalong, and then to an early dinner.  It was damp but not raining when we went out and looked at the lighted-up trees.  I saw a section I hadn't seen before, looking down from the American Pillar rose arches, but I said that I didn't want to walk as far as I had two weeks ago, when B.G. and A.J. and M.D. and I had gone to the stairs going to the meadow, and two treehouses, and B.G. and A.J. and I were exhausted.  I looked at the Christmas tree near the formal rose garden, at one end of the pawlonia allee.  I should have looked at that during the day, but I was more interested in getting out of the rain.  The strings of lights on it were enough to see a good bit of it by, anyway.

Near home, I stopped at the center where our favorite Chinese restaurant is located and called Mom to ask if she wanted me to pick anything up.  She did, so I got dinner for her, and some appetizers for me.  I was still kind of full from the salmon dinner at Longwood Gardens.  We had our late dinner, and then I was kind of done for doing anything useful.

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