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Thursday's soap operas

Alles Was Zahlt: Well, at least Roman feels bad for kissing and dating Marc while he's living with Deniz.  He came relatively close to confessing to Deniz, too.  Of course Deniz will end up finding out about it much later, and in the worst circumstances.  I feel better knowing that Roman really does have a guilty conscience.  Added: Saw the "cracky dream sequence of win."  It was awesome. 

Verbotene Liebe: D.S. came over to give me German lessons, and I asked her whether she'd rather translate gay romance for me or watch another episode of Mein Garten.  She valiantly volunteered to translate the gay romance.  I picked out a few episodes from ten years ago, when Olli's mother comes to town.  D.S. was translating a good bit of it, parts at a time sometimes because they spoke fast.  I had had the basic gist, though there were a lot of lines I didn't get.  I explained that Olli was bisexual, and I thought D.S. would find it interesting to get both points of view, the young man in a same-sex relationship and his disapproving mother.  D.S. seemed to have some sympathy for Olli.  I told her to close her eyes when there was a scene of Tom and Olli cuddling and kissing, as cute as I thought that scene was.  She stayed with it, and seemed to take it relatively well.  It was clear that Tom and Olli were in love, and that it was a real relationship, no matter what Olli's mother said.

D.S. asked me about the romance I edited, especially when I said I'd gotten into it by proofing and editing gay romance.  "I have vague memories of a few of the things the characters do.  Some things I've read or heard about.  Mostly I just use my imagination," I said.  She thought that was pretty funny.

We watched the second part of the Mein Garten episode we'd started the last time.  D.S. kept saying she could do better.  "Germans have no imagination," she said.  Presumably she was just talking about gardens.

Back to the present day: Olli was pretty pissed at Christian, and it was understandable, especially when Olli had been fighting off Rob's advances the whole night.  Christian gave Olli a half-assed apology the next morning.  Olli still wasn't happy.  Even Rebecca was mad at Christian, but that could only be a good thing.  I hope it lasts, and she gets over him.  At the end of the episode, Christian was going to go give Olli a real apology.  Neither of them have been acting that great towards each other in the past several months, with the exception of a few bright spots, but I still think Olli has been more in the wrong.  Christian might be tactless and aggressive sometimes, but he's totally honest.  He doesn't really want anyone but Olli, I'm sure of it.  Christian's pretty good at flirting if he puts his mind to it (*fans self*), but he loves Olli with his whole heart.
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