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I decided I wanted to expand on my YouTube comment.  I spent quite some time searching my LJ for rants about how much I dislike it when a character changes sexual orientations, especially if the character changes from gay to straight.  I know they're in there somewhere.  In general, I'm not a fan of "Gay for You" m/m romance stories, either, in which two men who have previously been totally heterosexual fall in love.  Olli wasn't written as heterosexual, and Christian didn't turn gay overnight, so I could still enjoy the storyline.  I judge soap operas differently than I do e-books, because the characters on a soap opera should keep evolving, while a book has a definite ending.

Anyway, this was where the commentary started on Ichglozutube's channel.  I am EJ.

2 hours ago 5
There is something going on here that I see that's rather annoying. And it's been happening for the past year. It has to do with a certain aspect of characterization with this show. Christian in this soap opera is a self-identified gay man. Yet, every time they show him kissing anybody but Olli, in a sexual manner, it's always a woman. Just what the hell is up with that?
  • @archraskal you are right about that Christian says he is gay Olli has always claimed Bi
  • @bigjock4u9 What you said. As far as I know, ever since Olli told Tom he liked both women and men, he's consistently identified as bisexual. Christian started identifying as gay a few weeks after he and Olli got together, and he had Olli's example of not just seeing it in "black and white." If Christian thinks of himself as bisexual now, they should talk it out. It wouldn't be a big deal as long as they stay faithful to each other.
  • @archraskal CON'TD. The blond woman he was kissing could have easily have been a blond man. I find it incredibly strange that the writers of this show wouldn't think we'd notice that! Do they want us to believe that there are only 3 gay men in Dusseldorf? Does it have to with Thore, and perhaps his reluctance to kiss a man other than Jo? What gives with all of this?
  • @archraskal I don't think it's fair to claim Thore has anything to do with it. They'd have to bring in another gay male character to tell that story of Christian kissing another guy. It's either he kisses Rebecca or Andi? There is NO other gay character handy for Christian to kiss. And there's been this storyline of Rebecca after Christian, so why not complicate things more by having Christian sending mixed signals to Rebecca and piss off David more.
  • @Canadiansunshine1 Also it plays up Olli's insecurities. Olli's insecure with Christian going back to girls (I mean he basically stole Christian away from one) and Christian's insecure with Olli's flirtatiousness. I mean, Olli flirts with anyone and gets away with it. While the interaction's kinda interesting (I keep wishing I was the blond girl Christian was grinding up against :) the random kissing of people is getting pointless. Either make them really cheat or just drop the storyline
  • @archraskal Totally agree with you, thought the exact same thing! But what if Christian kisses a girl because than it doesn't mean anything? So that Olli knows he's just doing it to provoke him. I know gays who kiss girls just for fun, so...
    Would have preferred it to see Christian finally kiss man instead of, yet again, a woman though!
  • @Qweil I wonder about that, too - if he ends up kissing women when he's drunk because if it was a guy it would mean too much. Not that I think he's thinking it out that way, more like a subconscious thing.
  • @archraskal I agree with you. I assume the writers are playing on Ollie's insecurity about Christian going back to women but since Ollie is the only man he has ever been with it would be interesting to have Ollie worry that Christian needs "more experience." He could have flirted with some random guy.

    Back to the LJ entry: I would really hope that Christian doesn't go back to women and claim to be heterosexual again.  That would bother me on so many levels.  It's just that considering his history, it would have been perfectly logical for him to start identifying as bisexual rather than gay, two years ago.  I also look at it as Christian not really knowing how to pick up men.

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