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catching up -- soap operas

I managed to watch my soap operas late Friday night, at the hotel -- Nanna's clips and the Eskimo Kiss Project clips of the day's episodes.  At the end of Alles Was Zahlt, I was like, "Roman, no!"  I think he's going to go meet Marc.  The pool is the same place he kissed Andrew underwater, made up with Deniz after a DeRo 1.0 fight, saw Deniz cheat on him, practiced lifts with him for the pair skating, and much more.  I hope Roman has some flashbacks that make him feel guilty.  Katja seemed to have more backbone in this episode.  The constant weeping was getting really tired.  Zoe seemed to have made up a story about Richard slapping her, and of course that dumb cow Celine believed Zoe.  I liked Celine with Richard, as long as they were dressed and not having on-screen sexytimes.  Celine is incredibly stupid when it comes to believing anything Zoe says.  I don't see how she'll be a better parent to the baby she still hasn't told Richard about.

Verbotene Liebe: Christian was happy that he'd been something of a matchmaker between Rebecca and David, and in a way he had been, just not like he thought.  Olli was thrilled to see Rebecca latched on to someone other than Christian.  David knows on some level that Rebecca doesn't love him, but he loves her.  As Nanna said, David has weird tastes in women.  I hope he at least gets some physical affection from the relationship.

Things are heating up between Tristan and Helena.  She helped him take a bath, and then Tristan had a cracky little dream sequence in which she washed his hair, and then he pulled her into the tub and started making love to her.  In real life, she fell asleep on his bed, and he crawled in and started to kiss her.  The relationship is somewhat unhealthily close on her part, but it's heavily into twincest on his side.  He's in love with her, he wants her, he doesn't want any other potential love interest around her and will do just about anything to keep them away.  Other people in the castle are starting to get a clue about it, and I think it will soon enough be out in the open.

I've reflected on it before, and concluded that the von Lahnsteins should be used to it.  Incest was the original forbidden love on the show.  I don't remember the names of the first pair of brother and sister lovers who were the focal point of the show, but there have been more since then.  Leonhard and Sarah thought they were half-siblings when they had their affair, and there were a few other ones before that.  It's been a couple of years, so I guess the show's powers-that-be decided it was time for another one.

I'd much rather see Helena with Andi, but now I'm curious to know how things develop.  Helena's been pretty oblivious about Tristan's true feelings.  She knows he loves her a lot, but she hadn't realized he loved her that way.  She might realize it now, which would lead to all kinds of good plot.  I can't wait to see people's reactions when they hear about it.  It's time for it to become news.
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