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I went to bed somewhat earlier than my usual time.  I got up for the day a little after 10:00 a.m.

After lunch, Mom and I went to a consignment/thrift shop location where she believed the store still existed.  I had my doubts.  Indeed, the store wasn't there anymore.

We went in a big circle to a local Goodwill, where I found a possible dress for my cousin T.'s wedding.  We went to a grocery store that Mom likes in that shopping center.  I had insisted on bringing a cooler bag with ice, so we could store perishables.  It wasn't terribly hot today, but it turned into a nice clear day here.

We went to the library for a while so I could look at some books.  I found a historical world atlas that circulated.  The main part of the edition went up to 1929.  A section added later went up through World War II.  Fortunately, I was looking for maps of Europe that were further back in time than that.  I got out a couple more books that I could flip through, but mostly just looked at books there.

After that, I picked up dinner at Buddy's.

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