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J and K's wedding

Friday: Mom, Dad and I drove down to Baltimore for J. and K.'s rehearsal dinner.  Mom wanted to leave by one, so of course we left around three.  I was actually ready by two.  We hit a lot of traffic.  Mom and Dad had to get to the hotel to change, since Dad was wearing jeans and Mom was wearing a housedress.  I was wearing the blouse and skirt I was going to wear to the dinner.  The dinner reservations were at six.  We got to the hotel around five-thirty.  We got back on the road by five of six, and actually made it to the restaurant at six-fifteen.  It was a seafood place.  I got shrimp with crab imperial.  Somehow I didn't realize that crab imperial meant that it had pimento in it.  I am really not picky about food, but I rarely eat crabcakes because they often have peppers in them.  This was the same kind of thing.  I assured the bride's family that I was just fine.  I'd shared Dad's coconut shrimp appetizer and had a couple of his fried scallops, which were all really good.  I ate the shrimp out of my entree.  I'd filled up pretty well on the salad and rolls and mashed potatoes, so it wasn't like I was going hungry.

I gave K. a bunch of Damask roses I'd picked from the garden.  A couple had fallen apart in travel, and some had gotten a little squished, but there were still several good ones left, and even the ones which were slightly squished still smelled good.  I took out the ones which had fallen apart, but it still left a full bowl of them.  K. seemed to be really very pleased by the roses.

J. and K. were trying hard to keep the wedding to family only.  Originally, they'd tried to keep it to immediate family, but that didn't work, especially after J. announced his wedding at Christmas and all the aunts and uncles and cousins assumed they'd be coming.  So we had J.'s best man being K.'s brother-in-law, and her very pregnant sister being a bridesmaid or something.  I was happy not to be a bridesmaid.  I told them I'd participate however they wanted me to, but I didn't particularly feel a need to do the bridesmaid thing.  They wanted me to do a reading from Plato's Symposium, and that was fine.

Saturday: J. and K. chose a historic inn for the wedding itself, which was very nice.  Her grandmothers were there, and aunts and uncles and assorted other relatives.  Dad's brother and sisters made it, and his brothers-in-law.  Aunt A. made it, too.  I was happy to see them all, and get the chance to catch up a little with them.  Aunt P.S. asked if I'd had a good time at the soap opera event, and whether I was still watching my German soap operas.  I assured her I'd had a great time, and told her I had gotten my pictures from the event.  I hadn't brought them with me, as it was J. and K.'s day.  I told her I was still enjoying my soap operas.

Uncle R.T. and I talked gardens.  He's growing a lot of vegetables.  I told him how I'd hit a good number of the local plant sales, and gotten all kinds of herbs, but that something had eaten the dill.  I'll get more next time I have money, and have Dad plant it in the fenced-in part of the vegetable garden.

I went over and talked to Aunt A. for a while.  She seemed to be doing all right.  She said she'd lost eighteen pounds from her health issues, and still had no appetite.  I know she was getting radiation for a while.  Aunt A. seemed as sharp mentally as ever, and we talked about various things, and had one of K.'s aunts enter the conversation and tell some of her own stories, too.

J. had said that the minister was a "whoo-whoo" New Age lady who was one of the bride's mother's best friends.  J. hadn't had a choice in having L. officiate.  She talked first about what a good friend she was with N., the bride's mother, and about a couple of other topics, then got down to the ceremony part.  K. looked beautiful in her gown, J. looked pretty good in his tuxedo, and they both sounded quite certain when they did their vows.  I did my reading, A. did hers.  They were fine.  I smiled at J. and K. after I did mine, and the minister said, "Let's see that smile again!"  I smiled again.

The minister had cornered me before the ceremony to try to get to know the groom's sister.  I gave a somewhat edited version of my activities.  I mentioned how much I liked editing and proofreading romance.  I didn't go into how much was erotic romance or just about purely erotica.  She cornered me after the ceremony, too, and ended up sitting next to me.  It wasn't so bad, really.  Even the edited version of my life fascinated her.  "So you're learning German so you can understand German soap operas?"

"Yes."  I didn't go into how sexy the characters are, or how much I liked watching a good gay romance on TV, or reading a good one.  She probably wouldn't have minded so much, except to talk about it with anyone, and tell her own stories on gay-related topics.  I didn't especially want to get the "whoo-whoo" New Age take on homosexuality right then.  I wasn't sure how the bride's family, who were at the table, too, would react to those interests of mine, either, so I chose not to go there at that point.  K. has heard a good deal about my gay romance reading and editing, and about the m/f and menage erotica I edit, too, so she knows.

They brought out cheese and fruit plates while the photographer and bride and groom and parents were doing wedding pictures.  I'd managed to demolish a good portion of the cheese and fruit before I was roped into the photos.  I think I kept my eyes open for most of them, so I'll be happy enough with them.  K. and her sister A. looked lovely.  A. is one of those women who looks radiant in her pregnancy, in addition to being quite pretty in the first place.  The sisters look very much alike, so J. has a very cute wife.  She's a nice young woman as well, and I'm happy to be getting her as a sister-in-law.

The dinner was very good.  I had shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, then baked salmon as an entree.  Other entrees included a rack of lamb, lobster tail, sirloin, and I forget what else, but it all looked good.  I enjoyed the salmon.  Every time I've gone down to Maryland lately, I've gotten seafood dinners.  I suppose I shouldn't get used to it, but I like seafood quite a lot.

J. and K. were going to a bar afterwards to celebrate with friends.  J. said I could get a ride there, but he couldn't guarantee a ride back, and Mom and Dad weren't keen on the idea of picking me up later, so I just told J. and K. to tell their friends I said hi.  I got on the computers down in the hotel lobby that were for "businesspeople."  I worked some.  I downloaded some editing work.  Oddly enough, when I tried to download "Slings and Arrows," it said I couldn't because it had the keyword "naked girls."  There were no naked girls in that story.  I'm quite puzzled, but I guess it's one for the "weird keywords" list.  I had the other stories in my e-mail, so I got them.  I downloaded some stories from Loose Id, too.  I'm not sure how many downloads they allow you for e-books you've bought, but it seems to be at least three.  I worked on the proofing for a while, then read a Loose Id novella on Dad's laptop.  I eventually kind of got the hang of scrolling the pages with a built-in mouse, but I like a separate mouse much better.  It was ten dollars a day for Internet access.  There were two computers in this "businesspersons" area, and people were supposed to only take half an hour if there was a line.  There wasn't a line at eleven-thirty at night.

Sunday: Well, we were supposed to meet up with the groom's family for brunch, along with Aunt A. and Uncle P., who'd stayed over at another hotel.  Dad had had intestinal issues all Friday night, and Saturday night was Mom's turn.  I hadn't slept at all Friday -- not because of Dad, just because sometimes I don't sleep.  I'd napped during the day for a while Saturday, though, so I was all right for the wedding.  I slept for a few hours on Saturday night, after I was done reading the novella.  I got in some time between two and four-thirty, at which time Mom had Dad call for more toilet paper.  I know I had been dreaming, so I got in some of whatever kind of sleep that's called.  I think I got to sleep again around five or five-thirty, and at least dozed.

I took a shower around eight-thirty or so.  Just as I was stepping out of the shower and getting my towel, Mom started yelling for the bathroom.  My suitcase blocked her way for a moment, but she burst in, and I made a break for it.  She tossed my suitcase out after me.  I think I ended up closing Dad off into the bedroom while I got dressed in the living room part of the suite.  (I'd been sleeping on the couch.)  I went down for the breakfast there at the hotel, which had quite the variety of offerings -- scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, French toast, danishes, muffins, bread, fruit, and so on.  Dad eventually got into the bathroom to take a shower -- he takes fast showers -- and joined me for breakfast.

We had been talking back and forth with J. all through the morning.  We never did find out where Aunt A. and Uncle P. had gone, but hopefully they made it back to New Jersey.  Obviously we weren't going to make it for brunch, though we talked a while with J. about briefly meeting up with them at the diner.  Eventually we headed for home, though Mom wanted to go on Business Route 1, Bel Air Road, in case she needed to stop.  There are a lot of places to stop, restaurants and gas stations and so on, but there are also traffic lights about every block.  I fell asleep.  I woke up as we were crossing the Conowingo Dam bridge.  Ironically enough, I could have used a rest stop myself.  We eventually stopped at a Wawa (East Coast convenience store -- the ones which sell gasoline as well have restrooms.)  I fell back asleep after our stop.  I woke up when we got home.  I've gotten much better about being able to sleep in cars than I used to be.  I never used to be able to sleep in cars at all.

We unpacked some of the luggage very quickly, as Dad was eager to get to as much of a veterans event as he could.  We would have missed it if we'd had brunch, so I don't know what his deal was.  He said he'd gone to it for fifteen years straight.  It had started at one, and it was two-something by the time we got home.  I looked around at my roses, several of which are in full bloom now, then went up to my room and back to sleep.  After all of Mom's yelling and issues, and telling me to shut up whenever I made a suggestion, or an observation when I was talking to J., she seemed perfectly fine when we got home, and sat there watching the baseball game.  Yelling and having issues all night and morning, then completely back to what passes for the quieter version of "normal" for her at home.  Whatever.

I won't get anything productive done the rest of the day, but hopefully I'll be recovered from it all tomorrow.  I'll go out and pick some roses, and do some editing work on Monday evening, and try to get together with S. to get him into watching the soap operas.  Mom took the day off tomorrow, but I'll either be outside, away from the house, or telling her I'm working on the computer.  It's not like we need to do any more shopping.  I have a nice pair of semi-dressy sandals, and a dressy spring outfit I can wear again.

J. is successfully married, and I have a nice sister-in-law.  It seemed to be a very happy event for them.  I hope they have a good honeymoon cruise, and much domestic bliss.  I'll come down and visit them without Mom and Dad.  We'd taken the station wagon to hold all the stuff, and I can't drive stick shift.  If I know how to get somewhere, and I'm in my own car, it's much better.  I'm kind of familiar with that section of Baltimore County anyway, for as long as J. has lived around that area.  I'll bring K. flowers and herbs, and it will be much more low-key.   

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